Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Line-Up Changes to Come for the Commodores?

It appears the VSL Nation aren't the only group to contemplate hitting the panic button after Vanderbilt's 3rd straight road loss to Florida on Sunday. The Man We Love to Hait has a piece in today's Nashville City Paper about potential line-up changes in the starting 5. Since VSL Nation has never been shy about sharing what we think Kevin Stallings should do, what do you think the new line-up should be?

I honestly don't know what I would do, but the Commodores have started out flat in all their road games. Perhaps it's time to interject some more freshman into the line-up, here's one possible starting 5 that I think CKS should consider:

G Jermaine Beal
G Keegan Bell
F Shan Foster
F Darshawn McClellan
C AJ Ogilvy

First off the bench:
Red, Ross, Alan


Anonymous said...

Why not move Shan back to the 2?


Douglas James said...

Not sure if Shan can move back the the 2 but i think it would be a mistake to play both PG's at the same time.

Bobby O'Shea said...

Aren't we basically doing that now? Red is a point guard who can shoot the rock. But I don't think he gives you the same explosiveness or spark that Keegan does. I know he's only seen limited action, but I wouldn't mind to get Drake in the line-up more. He is a slasher who can create his own shots, something this team is in desperate need of right now.

Anonymous said...

Walker is good off the bench, I don't know if he's ready to start though. Same with Bell. I'd say:


With Bell, Wallker and Metcalf ready to come in.

Neltner has earned himself a spot at the end of the bench with the walk-ons

Seamus O'Toole said...

I agree with DJ on that count. Gordon leads the team in scoring for two straight games and that earns him a demotion to the bench? What gives?

Anonymous said...


mcclellan and bell first off bench.

Bobby O'Shea said...

Perhaps I'm crazy and it's my own personal frustration with the way Red has played this season, but I don't see him as hitting "big" shots. Leading the team in scoring aganist Florida was not exactly difficult. Worse, he strikes me as someone, who frankly, doesn't know their role. I find myself thinking that Red is forcing shots to be "the man." Again, this could all be in my head and I could be dead wrong (according to most people I talk to, I am). Still, I think Red is more interested in getting his shots no matter what then letting the game come to him. I don't have that concern with Keegan, who doesn't appear to force shots (regardless of whether or not he hits them) and is looking to get the team into their offense.

The two-headed monster of AJ and Metcalfe is interesting, but those are two guys who like to play down on the blocks. I worry that the pain wouldn't be big enough for the both of them, especially given this team's seeming contentment to stand around on offense.

What I like about Keegan is he has been a spark off the bench and, to me, plays like an energy guy. Perhaps Red is too, but I personally don't see it.

Anonymous said...

Beal, Shan, and AJ are the only starters in my mind right now.

I think we need to shore up the defense intensity of the starting unit. This could be achieved by moving Shan to what will likely be his natural position and moving McCellan and someone else in to the starting 5.

While Red has been able to score, I feel like he might bring something better off the bench. It's only a demotion if you make it one.

Anonymous said...

I hear you O'Shea:

Leading the commies in scoring last Sunday was like being the leading ace in Poland's air force in 1939.

Anonymous said...

come on, you gotta like the aj and metcalfe start. especially against ole miss. they have two dominant big men in curtis and williams. who is going to stop williams? they both average hella rebounds and ole miss leads in offensive rebounds and total boards.

Aaron said...

I wouldn't mind seeing Keegan in the starting line up, but he is not a scorer and his defense leaves something to be desired. However, he can get the rock to those who need it.

The bottom line is that we dont have a number 1 scorer. No one can really create their own shot and i dont know if what we run can be considered an offense (it sure as hell is not the Princeton offense)

Other teams win with smaller line ups, but with Ole Miss tomorrow night we need to be close in rebounds, and we dont want them to get second chance points or we are in for a long night. But i worry about AJ getting tired/foul trouble down stretch playing against a good inside team, we are going to have to rotate him and alan to keep them both fresh.

I agree with Tom, Beal, Shan, and Croc Og are the only true starters in my mind.

Anonymous said...

Metcalfe should never, ever start.

Anonymous said...

if Metcalfe ever starts a game in a Commodore uniform, I will seriously doubt any confidence I have ever invested in this team...

Anonymous said...

well, metcalfe will definitely start on senior day

Anonymous said...

mcclellan for the start. nice