Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ole Miss: In Progress

Update: Ball Game

Update: This time continues to be unable to get over the hump. Cut the lead to 3 and then allow them to go on an 8-0 run. It's as if getting it close is enough for this team.

Update: Thank god for Keegan Bell. Down 5. Tim Thompson's making this point on the broadcast, this team's got to limit Ole Miss to one look per time down. Good defense only matters if you control the rebound after the miss.

Update: Ross Neltner's inability not to turn the ball over continues to plague this team. Down 6 with 10:42

Update: Big shot by Shan to cut it to 4, needed Drake to hit that lay-up, and need to limit second chance points.

I just got settled and have Joe Fisher in my ear and my Criminal Law book in my lap. Couple of big 3's to cut it to 5, too bad they couldn't grab the rebound and give the Rebs a shot at a 3-point play. Down 7 at the 12-minute TV time-out...34% from the field vs. almost 50% for Ole Miss is the story right now. Comment as the game unfolds.


Anonymous said...

that dunk and the crowd's reaction may put 'em out of it. i swear we might be the worst team in SEC history all-time on the road. we've never been able to pull it off on the road and we still can't. it's a shame we didn't end up like UT and get these guys at home cause we would beat them there. that said, i feel like this season may get worse and worse and worse. anyone want auburn tix?

Anonymous said...

1-4 in the last five games. when we started SEC play i thought we would lose 4 or 5 total. there goes that out the window. i'll be happy if they are able to break .500. i love foster when he steps up but he is so streaky. he always has been. byars was able to carry him thru the struggles last year and now he's exposed. ogilvy still being sick and winded doesn't help either. tale of 2 seasons here. this is horrible. at this rate, i don't think we can even beat ut, uf, or uk at home. that's at least 7 losses. at usc will be tough, and a split w/ uga. 8 or 9 loss season comin up. lucky to get into tourney w/ a last 10 games record of crap.

Aaron said...

full panic mode. I mean what goes on during practice? Does Stalling just sit there as an assistant polishes his bald nob? This team looks flat, out rebounded again, we shot terrible, lots of TO's.

I dont even talk about this game. I am sick.

Anonymous said...

Criminal Law?

What is "criminal" is how much american idol continues to suck.