Thursday, January 10, 2008

Breaking News: Earl Going Pro

Earl Bennett has declared himself eligible for the NFL Draft according to I will be updating this thread for thoughts and reactions. The Man We Love to Hait will almost certainly have something up on the City Paper site that is sure to be a must read.

UPDATE: Brett's dispatch from the press conference.


Unknown said...

So we already let one Vandy great walk out of Nashville, here's to hoping Earl's rocking the Two-tone Blue and the Flaming Thumbtack next fall!

Aaron said...

Good move for Earl, bad move for the team.

Anonymous said...

good luck to earl. i'm starting to worry the football team might not be so hot next year with all of the seniors leaving plus earl.

Anonymous said...

Benjamin, use your head.

You think Earl might fit in to Denver's offense, just maybe?

Boyer in the District said...

Maybe you guys are right - the next NFL blueprint for greatness: