Thursday, January 10, 2008

And Then There Were 5, Edition

I'll make this quick since today is a "catch-up" day for me now that I am back in the Mond. Big win for the Commies last new, who bested a pesky South Carolina team to lift their record to 16-0 to become only 1 of 5 unbeaten teams in the country (and the only one not in the top 10). I hope you all of those VSL readers not fortunate enough to be in the southland took advantage of the free ESPN Full Court preview last night and watched the Ole Miss/UT game. Both these teams are very good, and the fact the Commies have to travel to both gyms in the next few weeks is a cause of concern.

Check out Mo and Brett's recap of last night's win: as we have come to expect, Crocodile OG game up huge scoring 25 points, 21 on which came in the second half. How do you spell clutch? Shan only netted 13, but was a factor on the defensive end. The Commies travel to Rupp on Saturday. It is my hope to have not only a preview, but the newest edition of the Vanderbilt Nationally Televised Drinking Game posted tomorrow.

The big news in Commodore Nation today is: will he stay or will he go? Earl Bennett will announce at a 3pm Eastern press conference his intentions vis-a-vie returing to school or declaring himself eligible for the NFL Draft. As much as this pains me to say, I personally think he should go pro. I don't know that he will be able to achieve all he wants at Vanderbilt (i.e. a bowl game) by returning; with that said, if Earl and Chris Williams can join Jay Cutler as potential future impact NFL players, that will go along way in Vanderbilt continueing to attract top-flight talent.

VSL will be tracking the press conference and will post on this site as soon as we know what His Name Is decides.

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Old Prospector said...

Hey guys, for all those who don't know, yahoo sports shows all JP/Lincoln Financial/Raycom SEC games for, the link is...;_ylt=AoZeqQNXfO.4HRDy6Fmoh8HevbYF