Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Vanderbilt Hotline: If a Team is Bowl Eliglble and No One Sees, Does it Really Happen? Edition

OK, it's official, the SEC hates Vanderbilt football. Don't believe me (and I know Stanimal won't)? Then check out the SEC's television schedule for November 17th. First off, UK/Georgia is a much more deserving national match-up than LSU/Ole Miss, all I can figure is that CBS didn't want to have to Dawgs on 2 weeks in a row. That's reasonable, but why is it that, AGAIN, Vanderbilt is getting no television love? UT/Vanderbilt is also an appealing game since no team in the SEC hates the Commies the way the Vols do, add to that a compelling story line of a team trying to get to a bowl game and it defies logic that the SEC home office wouldn't want to highlight this. Obviously not, but if Vanderbilt gets to 6 wins and some other things break our way, don't be surprised if they don't get an invite. After all, why would a bowl selection committee take a shot on a Commodore team that their own league has no interest in highlighting?

A few articles, interviews, and posts worth checking out. Mo Patton's got an article in today's Tennessean about how the Commies want to "copy" the Cats and get on the national scene. Looking ahead to Saturday, CBJ is hopeful that Sean Walker and Marcus Buggs will play after being injured in the Swamp. The Commies will need all hands on deck against Kentucky, and Buggs and Walker are both playmakers. The Man We Love to Hait's got a piece on the road ahead. Brett specifically looks at Vanderbilt's recent past with UK in today's Nashville City Paper. To get info straight from the horse's mouth, here is CBJ's weekly press conference.

The Men's Basketball team played a meaningless game last night that they almost lost. Not that it matters, the season starts this Saturday night at home against Austin Peay.

I'm annoyed, and I'm out.


Anonymous said...


The UK game is on ESPN Gameplan...I suspect that TN will be as well.

I'm sure your favorite local establishment has Gameplan, have a few "diet cokes" and watch the game.

Bobby O'Shea said...


Thanks for the heads up...I feel a little better. But am still pissed, if only because it is more fun.

Boyer in the District said...

Darren McFadden. That is all.

Stanimal said...

Ogilvy had 17 points.

Stanimal said...

In addition, Ogilvy moved up to number 41 in the final edition of the Rivals 150.

Douglas James said...

Also Ohio State lost to a Division II team last night so maybe we shouldn't be as worried about almost losing the other night in an exhibition game

Boyer in the District said...

Well...the Buckeyes dropping one to a DII school in men's hoops is nothing remotely close as the same type of thing that happened earlier this year in football, right?

There are some DII schools out there that aren't a joke. And if the last few years of March Madness have taught us anything, it's that parity is on the rise.

Douglas James said...

Vandy just had one of our football recruits decommit. Evan Ruiz a 6'4 OG from Baton Rouge decommitted according to ESPN recruiting page. He isn't a can't miss prospect or anything but still not good to have solid recruit like this decommit. Especially since we have to rebuild our O-line after this year

Sol Blake said...

damn, i'll just have to go to the vandy-ut game.

they won the last time I was there.