Monday, November 5, 2007

SEC Power Rankings: VSL's Ballot

1. LSU - Clearly the best team in the SEC, but they had to sweat it out on Saturday. They end with a relatively easy schedule (by SEC standards, but Arkansas shouldn't be looked past)
2. Georgia - Nothing shows how crazy a year its been in the SEC than Georiga being a consensus 2 on our ballot. They should have lost to Vanderbilt, got trounched by UT, and beat Florida in the cocktail party. Saturday's game between the hedges, coupled with a UT loss to the Razorbacks will put Georiga in the driver's seat for a trip to Atlanta. A loss, on the other hand, means the East title is still very much up for grabs.
3. Auburn - While the Tigers have the toughest schedule down the stretch, a win on Saturday still probably won't be enough to get Tommy and the boys to Atlanta.
4. Florida - They put a beat down on the Commies and are getting South Carolina at the perfect time.
5. Alabama - I don't think this team is that good, but clearly I am wrong. They gave LSU all they could handle, but they need too much help to get to Atlanta as far as I can tell.
6. Tennessee - Which UT team shows up is the question. Is it the team that beat Georgia into the ground, the team that couldn't stop South Carolina in the second half? Or the team that ekked out the win after an illegal procedure penalty gave them a shot to go to Atlanta? It's all academic since the Commies come to town in a week.
7. Arkansas - Arkansas is playing for bowl placement, but VSL nation would love Nutt's boys to hurt Vomit Orange enough so they are still feeling pain a week from Saturday
8. Mississippi State - Auburn probaly won't go to Atlanta this season, and it's Miss. State's fault. In a year where the Commies are looking to break their bowlless streak, the boys from Starkville's fliration with .500 is unwelcomed news.
9. Kentucky - Again, which team will the Commmies get on Saturday is the question. The fact that this game is not on TV makes me nuts; the fact that UK is coming off a bye and a loss scares me to death. Still, the Wildcats end with 3 tough games (@Vandy, @ Georiga, UT), and it's possible this team could either win out and get to Atlanta (need some help), or go in the tank.
10. South Carolina - I think these guys are done...but I am wrong most of the time, so take that with a grain of salt.
11. Vanderbilt -The Commies need 2 more wins to feel good about their bowl prospects. Big best on Saturday, but the Commies are 3-0 this season at home when not on TV. Looks like I'll be spending another weekend with Joe Fisher.
12. Ole Miss - All that's left for these guys is to spoil. I know I speak for everyone in VSL nation when I say we'll be rooting for you in Starkville to end the year.

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