Thursday, November 29, 2007

Pointing the Finger One More Time

CBJ's not going anywhere, nor should he. VSL supports him and the poll below reveals that (at least a limited cross-section of) Commodore Nation overwhelmingly does too. I wouldn't be devastated to wave goodbye to Ted Cain, but that probably won't happen either. Oh well.

But you know who's REALLY to blame for the way the football season finished out?

That completely misguided group of Vanderbilt fans at who created the petition for Vanderbilt to go to a bowl game, THAT'S WHO. I blame them for jinxing the season, preventing us from winning the games decided by 7 points or less, and just generally for all of our tears of unfathomable sadness.

Consider: The petition was started on October 30, after back-to-back wins against South Carolina and Miami (Ohio). Thereafter, we went on to lose the last four straight games of the season. In other words, we have not won a football game since the first person put their name on that petition. Back when it was released, I took some heat for scolding the petitioners for "tempting fate" -- now, perhaps the only slice of satisfaction I can derive from the debacle that was the last four games is the ability to stop wallowing in the misery of unreasonable fanhood long enough to proclaim these four self-righteous words:

"I told you so."


Aaron said...

Seamus, if we can prove that CBJ started the petition will you agree that he needs to be fired?

Anonymous said...

I suggest we ponder questions like:

1) The status of the new o-line starters.

1a) Ted Cain: Meet DJ Moore. You will design at least 10 plays for him next year out of multiple formations or you will be waterboarded at 2AM in the parking garage next to Memorial.

2) Can next year's defense be at least 90% as stout as 2007's?

3) Will Nickson go to a secret Asian monastery where Liam Neeson teaches him how to kill silently, master his own fears, strike terror into the hearts of Nshville's evildoers and throw for 2,500 yards, 25-30 touchdowns and rush for over 1,000 yards?

Anonymous said...

Dear VSL:

Since we're on an "I told you so" thread. I'd like to remind you that I told you about Arkansas -- REPEATEDLY.

Damn it feels good being right,

Boyer in the District

Seamus O'Toole said...

If memory serves, Dr. MZ was arguing that Arkansas had not become "irrelevant" back when they were 4-3 and we ranked them #10 in the conference power poll. It goes without saying that because that was a weekly poll, it was by no means a prediction of where teams would finish at the end of the season. Also, correct me if I'm wrong but I don't remember anyone ever saying they were "irrelevant" or disputing that they have a good team, but I could be wrong about that. Not sure I'm quite understanding the "I told you so" claim.

Douglas James said...

I apologize for signing the petition but in my defense it was before I read VSL's scornful analysis of it. In retrospect it was a total jinx and I am ashamed that I didn't realize this at the time.......shame on me. Well at least its Bball season!

Boyer in the District said...

I say that ruining LSU's dream season and watching Houston Dale Nutt go the way of the Dodo Bird made the Hogs' season all-in-all a tremendous success.

Anonymous said...

Aaron said...

I hate to say it but McFadden is no longer a Heisman Candidate. His team is garbage and they have not won a game that has mattered in all season. He might be the number one overall pick, but as Seamus noted that doesn't get you bonus points. Their running attack, absent a qb, is pretty down this year. It is no longer feared and no one cares about Arkansas. Their coach is going to be fired at the end of the season when all the their players leave and they again will be reduced to a bad team in the middle of a the second best division in the SEC.

Aaron said...


While i appreciate your "realism" i must respectfully disagree. First of all, i am not even sure that McFadden is the best RB in the nation. Mike Hart has more yards, more TD's, and averages almost identical yards per carry. Furthermore, to suggest that he is the best player, overall, might also be flawed. Tim Tebow, Glen Dorsey, and DeShaun Jackson all come to mind (Jackson especially, he is like a Devin Hester that can actually catch the ball) Mike Hart again all challenge him on this honor.

If this running back combo of Jones and McFadden is so feared then they should be able to win their teams the game. They are not that feared because their passing attack blows goats. Their leading receiver has under 300 yards, and their QB is terrible!! People can just load the box to stop the running game, and they dont have to worry about their WR's making plays. This takes the fear out of the game.

Vandy is an overall more balanced, although, not more explosive offense, and a better defense. Vandy should have some fear to conference rivals after beating Tenn, UGA, and USC in recent years.

October 23, 2007 1:08:00 PM EST

9. Arkansas - This team is not very good...sorry Boyer in the District.

Bobby O'Shea said...

Allow me to clarify: Arkansas is not very good

October 9, 2007 4:43:00 PM EST

PhilipVU94 said...

in-conference loss to a team led by a Heisman candidate

Woodson was only a serious Heisman candidate before his team fell apart against Carolina. His putative candidacy also depended on his team not getting dismantled by Florida and LSU. A couple of weeks from now those conditions will probably look so absurd that the media would wonder what the hell it was thinking -- except that the media never has time for introspection; it just moves on to the next story.

Arkansas has a loss to a mediocre Alabama team (ref-assisted) and a mediocre Kentucky team. They could prove me wrong but at present they've shown no signs of being any good.

October 11, 2007 7:45:00 PM EST


The fact that this is a blog for Vandy football fans doesn't mean it has to be a blog for dumb football fans.



Aaron said...

Umm, Coach is gone (check) Not a legit Heisman candidate (check) not the season they wanted to(check)

Just because they won one game against LSU, which is a big win against a good team, doesn't make them a great team. Kentucky has the exact same win, and they are NOT a great/good team.

Where were we wrong again? They lost to every ranked team they played but LSU and they play the weakest out of conference schedule in the SEC

Anonymous said...

Not a legitimate Heisman candidate? Get a clue. Seriously, go sit in a corner and think hard about what you just said. And before you return to the real word, run a Google news search on McFadden and Heisman just to make sure you're caught up on what you missed during the past two months.

And for the record, we -- Boyer and myself -- haven't once said all year that Arkansas is a GREAT team. We have, however, objected to your idiotic committment to your view that no one cares about them and that they are "garbage." Either way, we'll enjoy watching them play in the Cotton Bowl on New Year's Day while you're doing your best to forget about football season and all the ignorant things you've written on this blog.


Aaron said...

At that point in the season they were garbage, they were 3-3 and had lost to every team with a pulse. The running attack was not doing well at all.

Msnbc has him 3rd in the heisman race. Rivals doesnt have him in the top 5. The only thing that might even make him a legit contender is that Tebow is a soph.

Why should we are about Arkansas? Last time i checked this is a blog about Vandy.

Stanimal said...

To say that McFadden is not a legitimate heisman candidate is ludicrous. It's down to Tebow and him and that's pretty much it.

And you certainly can't say that because he plays on Arkansas he won't win it. Tebow plays on Florida which I will remind you is 9-3 and he's considered the favorite. McFadden's got over 2000 all purpose yards.

Seriously, not a heisman candidate?

Stanimal said...

Alright and maybe Chase Daniel but if you're betting on Mizzou to win the Big 12 Championship you're going to lose a lot of money.

Boyer in the District said...

Not a legitimate Heisman Candidate?

Keep the hilarity up, Aaron. You're making my Friday much more enjoyable than it already is.

By the way, Mizzou will probably play Arkansas in the Cotton Bowl, given the liklihood that Oklahoma and LSU will win this weekend. Maybe then we can all witness Darren McFadden playing better at QUARTERBACK than even the likes of Chase Daniel.

Woody said...

...and the gloves are off!

Ahem, if I'm not mistaken, and as much as it hurts, Vandy's football season is over. We gotta move on.

Let us soothe our wounds through our basketball teams. The men are 6-0 and the women just upset Dook, the No. 10 team in the country, by 13. Great win for the Lady Commies.

Seamus O'Toole said...

So basically it was a dispute between Dr. MZ and Aaron over the use of the term "garbage" to describe Arkansas? Glad we hashed that out.

As for addressing the proclamation of "I told you so" to "VSL" in general, seems strange to say the difference between being a "dumb football fan" and an "I told you so" football sage is whether or not you stated in October that a team is "good" (but not "great") as opposed to "not very good."

Am I the only one struggling to understand the gravity of this distinction? MZ - please elaborate.

Andrew Banecker said...

Say what you want about the doc, but the man can research the hell out of a blog. Nine people died from easily treatable diseases while you were doing that. I appreciate your dedication to your football team's honor, sir.

Anonymous said...

Seamus --

I might add that I also had a major beef with PhillipVU, whose comments about UK's Woodson were equally stupid.

As far as why I directed my I TOLD YOU SO to all of VSL --I'm taking full advantage of my personal victories over a few posters to gloat before the whole blog. Speaking of my personal triumphs, you and Bobby still owe me a burrito and a six pack of beer. I intend to collect on that bet.


Seamus O'Toole said...

Haha I forgot what bet that was for but I think you're right...hope you don't mind Budweiser because Bobby and I are strict adherents to the Godfather's rule of purchasing only the Lord's beer.