Wednesday, November 28, 2007

CBJ Poll Results

Despite Vanderbilt's disappointing finish, the results are overwhelmingly AGAINST making a coaching change. VSL is on the record supporting Bobby Johnson, and I think Mo Patton paints a pretty good picture of the situation in today's Tennessean. I personally think Bobby is the right man for the job. With that said, we are all disappointed with the way the season ended and the way certain games were managed.

Here were some of your comments:

Aleksey wrote into the VSL mailbag:

With all due respect, this is silly. We are in the midst of one of the greatest stretches of football that this program has ever had over the last few years, and we are debating whether or not the man who made it happen (amidst an enormous amount of criticism, year after year) should stick around. I realize that the three gut-wrenching losses to UGa, UK, and Vomit Orange Nation are disheartening and we can’t seem to get “over the hump” (that doesn’t exist), but we are... Aside from that, we’ve steadily had more and more improvement from the team as a whole... Bottom line: this program is moving in the right direction.

Even More Anonymous said:

Vandy should get his signature on a lifetime contract. VU will never get a better one.

Aaron (voice in the woods):

Yes, he should be fire, I refuse to be happy with back to back 5 win seasons. This was his year, his talent, and his best shot at a bowl, and he came up short. We wont have a team this good for at least 3 years, and if we dont fire him now we are never going to improve and are going to have to continually settle for 1 good season or 1 big win every 4 years.

Backing up Aaron, Matthew wrote in:

Fire his ass

Brad sent this in to the VSL Mailbag:

I don't think CBJ should be fired if we dont go to a bowl game, but Ted Cain should be. He's the worst play caller in history. We need an aggressive offensive coordinator, not one who coaches the game away in the 4th quarter by running the ball for 3 straight 3 and outs instead of trying to put the game away...

With the coaching carousel heating up quickly, CBJ's name is sure to be mentioned for some openings. I have already heard Bobby's name mentioned as a possible replacement at Georgia Tech.


August West said...

Ouch. If I'm Bobby I jump on Georgia Tech in a heartbeat... he's got a better shot to win ACC there than the SEC here.

I hope like hell CBJ stays, because he's shown a knack for getting better talent into smart school than most coaches can. I don't know where we'd find a replacement with that skill!

Aaron said...

Anyone got the link where he is being considered?