Saturday, November 24, 2007


Commodore Nation should be incensed right now. We didn't just get beat by Wake Forest, we got destroyed.

Two takeaways from today's awful defeat in Nashville:

1) We looked like a team with absolutely nothing to play for -- with the exception of a few guys (notably Goff and Stewart), there was zero energy on the field.

2) We got outcoached. I have a lot of good things to say about CBJ, but I cannot excuse much of what happened on the field today.

First of all, turnovers killed us. Adams was horrendous and whether he was throwing or running the option or making a play-action fake, his fundamentals were completely absent. But it wasn't just him: we had 5 turnovers on the day, 3 fumbles and 2 picks, all of which came at crucial points in the game (sound familiar to anyone?). Dropped passes were plentiful.

Second, the offensive line once again was a complete disappointment and couldn't block anyone, especially on the run. 16 total yards on the ground today...SIXTEEN. Pathetic.

Third, we looked like we did against Auburn on defense for much of the game. How difficult is it to learn how to tackle? Jonathan Goff had to run people down all over the field because no one could get off their blocks, and then when they did, people made flimsy arm tackles that the Wake players blew right through. Nothing more infuriating as a fan.

Fourth, I'm calling for Ted Cain to be fired. Even if/when the O-line picked up their blocks, the play calling was so predictable that it didn't make a difference. First down: run it up the gut. Second down: run it outside. Third and [four to ten yards]: pass underneath. Punt.

Let's put it this way: A fumble on our own 14. An interception on the Wake Forest 5. Unable to punch it in and turning over on downs from the Wake Forest 2 yard line. Allowing an 85-yard kickoff return... I could go on.

I can't stand it when people say, "Same old Vanderbilt." This has got to change. We had a talented football team this year and it's not like we were killed by injuries -- certainly no more than any other SEC team. Nope, we just gave away three big in-conference games and then mailed it in the last game of the season. The coaches mailed it in too -- I didn't have a problem with Kovalchek playing the whole second half in the last game of his college career given how poorly Mackenzi Adams played. Nonetheless, an utter lack of imagination and failure to open up the playbook with any sense of urgency throughout the second half made me absolutely crazy.

I'm sick of watching this team lose and we all should be. I really hope no one gets on here and tries to make excuses about how we're "improving" or "making strides." We had a great opportunity to have a winning season and go to a bowl this year. The players certainly had that expectation of themselves -- recall the "B-C-S" chants in practice before the season started? I don't know what shake-up needs to happen to take this program to the next level, but if nothing else was crystal clear today, it was the fact that Wake Forest's program is living, bowl-bound proof that it can be done at an academically strong private school in a big conference. No one's saying the SEC is the ACC, but given what happened today and throughout this season, the argument that doing it at Vandy is "too hard" is utterly hollow.

Please share your thoughts on what went wrong and where to go from here, and don't forget to vote in the "Should Bobby Johnson Be Fired?" poll.

Seamus is bitter.


Stanimal said...

Seamus I couldn't agree with you more.

This game was an absolute disgrace from the get-go. The season was a failure when we didn't pick up win 6 in the last of the three games, but it could have at least been a better step for us not to finish below .500. I'm not saying we should have beat Wake or could have, I'm saying we mailed it in and didn't even try.

Say what you want about Bobby J. having done a better job than anyone else or whatever, this program did not get over the plateau when it was in the best position in years to do so.

This season was over at the beginning of the 4th quarter of the Tennessee game.

Anonymous said...

Trying to be fair and balanced:

If you described to me at the beginning of the season that Chris Nickson, an almost 2000/1000 QB last year would be injured and/or completely shit the bed and an untested backup would take over in game 3, I would have told you that that 5-7 would be a surprise.

On the other hand, they lost 4 in a row and gift-wrapped two games for GA and TN.

As Seamus/Stanimal said, this game was a chance to reverse a long season record losing streak, and this team threw in the towel.

Johnson spoke a few times this season about the improvement in VU's recruiting over the last 3 years: I hope it's improved given the NFL-caliber talent that is leaving Nashville.

But hope springs eternal, and it will be August again before you know it...That's the great thing about sports.

The next question is: When the hell is BB going to be ranked in the top 25?

Aaron said...

2-6 in our last 8, i just dont know what to say. Wake is a good team that is improving, but there is no way we should have lost this game. 4 chances on the goal line and we couldnt even score.

This whole season is a huge disappointment. Ted Cain has got to go, but of course he wont. CBJ has got to go, but of course he wont.

I am so mad right now, and what makes it even worse is that UT is won the division!

August West said...
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August West said...

After holding season tickets for over 3 years, this was the first game I've ever walked out on... just infuriating.

Most insane part of that game: WHY DID ADAMS NOT GET YANKED AT THE START OF THE SECOND QUARTER! He was worse than any high-school QB I've ever seen from the first snap. I'd have killed to see Funk or Nickson get in there...

August West said...
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August West said...
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