Saturday, November 24, 2007

Commies Win South Padre Invitational

Vanderbilt 95, Bradley 86

Ogilvy drops in 23, Foster scores 22.

Foster is Tournament MVP.

Stat of the Game: 90% from the free throw line as a team (28 of 31).

At least we've got something to be excited about.


Stanimal said...

Thank god for basketball

Anonymous said...

Speaking of taking our minds off football, Corbin just signed a monster 08-09 class.

It's unreal. The dynasty continues.

J.B., M.D. said...

I was watching our guys sink free throw after free throw and am convinced we can win any game we play this year. It was a 1 point game with a couple minutes left, then we blew them out with free throws.

This team will rival if not surpass last year's team.

J.B., M.D. said...

And everyone knows we won't be top 25. I'm guessing 28, because no pollsters give us love.

Seamus O'Toole said...

Agreed with JB. I'm predicting we'll be 26 in one of the two polls when they're released in a couple hours.

Seamus O'Toole said...

How naive of me to think we might actually get thrown a bone -- we're at #32 in the Coaches' Poll and #37 in the AP poll.

In some ways this may be good because we can fly under the radar heading into games against Georgia Tech and Wake Forest.

Gotta get past South Alabama (and John Pelphrey's recruits) first.

Bobby O'Shea said...

13 in the RPI...this team is for real, and our next 5 will really show what this team is made of (S. Alabama, Ga Tech, Wake, Lipscomb (A-Sun has been a giant-killer so far this year, and they are another Nashville school), and at Depaul).

So long as Ted Cain doesn't start drawing up plays, we'll be OK