Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Vanderbilt Hotline: One More Win, Edition

Vanderbilt is just one game away from bowl eligibility at 5-3 (2-3). While this Commie team is quite close, Mo Patton discusses the tough road ahead the Commies face over their last 4 games in today's Tennessean.That road includes 3 current Top-25 teams, and with a season like this, it is just as likely this team will win out as lose out (OK...maybe not "just as likely," but certainly a possibility). As Mo writes in this story, Vanderbilt has not won 2 straight this late in the season since 1998; they haven't won 3 in a row since 1991 when they won 4 straight.

It appears as if Commodore Nation is finally taking heed of Jared Hawkins (a.k.a. White Lightning). Mo double dips in today's Tennessean with a feature on the sophomore and how his explosiveness has given the Commies another wrinkle out of the backfield.

We will be doing a blog exchange with the guys over at Saurian Sagacity later this week, in the meantime, there is an AP story in today's Tennessean on how banged up Florida (particularly defensively) is.

I was up and figured for old time's sake, I'd throw up a Hotline. Don't get used to it. Still we want to hear you weigh in on the VSL ballot or what to look for heading into the Florida game. The game will be televised on Lincoln Financial (goodie) and is Florida's homecoming. VUCommodores.com has their "Game Day Central" posted with all the information you've need (supplemented by VSL, of course) for Saturday's match-up.

One last thought: I really hope the Vanderbilt/UK game is televised. The SEC announced their TV line-up for November 10th, and Vanderbilt is not on it. LFS is going with regional coverage that includes Arkansas @ Tennessee and Alabama @ Mississippi State. The game time has not been announced yet, which leads me to believe CSS or someone (hopefully including ESPN Game Plan) will pick up what could be a very good game. UK and Vanderbilt are historical doormats in the SEC, the fact that both teams are good and have legitimate shots to go to bowl games would seem to make this compelling. Of course, that's like, my opinion now.

Bobby, OUT.

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