Tuesday, October 30, 2007

SEC Power Poll: Results

Vanderbilt comes in this week at 11, just 4 points behind Boyer's Razorbacks.

Here's the complete poll.

1. LSU (13), 167 points
Not quite unanimous anymore.

2. Auburn, 139 points

3. Georgia, 135 points

4. Alabama (1), 129 points

5. Florida, 106 points

6. Tennessee, 98 points

7. South Carolina, 80 points

8. Kentucky, 73 points

9. Mississippi State, 62 points

10. Arkansas, 46 points

11. Vanderbilt, 42 points

12. Mississippi, 15 points


Seamus O'Toole said...

Love this observation from Georgia Sports Blog's Quinton McDawg because it captures why the SEC (and the same could be said for college football more generally) is so much fun this year:

"Every week this ballot gets harder and harder. So, LSU crushes Mississippi State, who beats Auburn, who beats Florida, who crushed Tennessee, who crushed Georgia, who beat Alabama, who crushed Tennessee, who beat South Carolina, who beat Kentucky, who beat LSU."

Boyer in the District said...

Not taking this bait. I'll wait a couple weeks when Arkansas isn't piling on Ole Miss and FIU before I run anymore smack.

Seamus O'Toole said...

Boyer - How 'bout a score prediction for Saturday's matchup between the Hogs and Cocks in Fayetteville?

Boyer in the District said...

Hogs 31, Cocks 14

Arkansas's defense is figuring out how to play defense, we will have all of our starting receiving corps back (for the first time this season - including Marcus Monk), and McFadden is overdue to own a game.

Anonymous said...

Hogs 34 Cocks 10
UNC 24 Maryland 21
Clemson 73 Duke 0
Florida 30+ Vanderbilt ???
Jets 17 Redskins 14
Cowboys 36 Eagles 17
Predator 1 Alien 0


Anonymous said...

To clarify, I did not pick whether Vanderbilt would win or lose. I only predicted that Florida will score more than 30 points.


Aaron said...

I think what this poll might indicate is that the SEC still lacks respect for Vandy. This is confusing to me. I understand that we used to be a doormat but look at what we have done in the past 5 years. Top QB prospect in Culter. Beat UT, UGA, USC, and played UF about as tough as anyone.

Why cant we get more respect?

Douglas James said...

More like Redskins 21, Jets 17......with yet another devastating 4th quarter loss by the Jets. The Skins have to be pissed about getting demolished this past week and Jets can't stop anyone in the running game

Seamus O'Toole said...

Jason -

You ask why can't we get more respect?

Because (1) we haven't had a winning record or been to a bowl since 1982, and teams with losing records are still looked at as losers no matter how close they play other teams; (2) while we've had big wins in each of the years you're referring to, pretty much every team ranked above us right now, with the possible exception of MSU, has had more big wins; (3) old habits die hard; (4) the conference is too good. Like we were saying in earlier posts re: Arkansas, a team's positioning at the bottom end of this poll should not necessarily be looked at as a sign of disrespect. I think Arkansas has a pretty good team but I still rank them near the bottom of the SEC because everyone else is so good. Same goes for Vandy. You can talk about lack of respect from other fans all you want, but other teams are not looking past us and, as you rightly point out, they know that we are no longer a doormat. The whole conference is tramping through each other's houses with dirty shoes because there ain't a doormat in the neighborhood...Or, maybe just one. Sorry Rebel fans.

Sol Blake said...

we have any idea when the vandy-ut game time will be set? I have a flight out of knoxville at 6:45 and i want to get tix to the game if i can still make that flight.