Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Vanderbilt Hotline: Blueprint Edition

I couldn't resist posting a Hotline this morning after scanning the papers and finding these articles on the Commies.

We'll start with today's must-read by Mo Patton on Vanderbilt's "Blueprint" for getting to a bowl game in the Tennessean. Seamus and I had an inordinately long conversation pretty much came to the same conclusions that Mo did in today's article. For our money, Vanderbilt needs a split in their next two to feel good about breaking the streak. Seamus disagreed with Mo somewhat that South Carolina is definitely a "thumbs down," but they are on the same page vis-a-vie Tennessee and Wake. What do you think about the blueprint?

The Man We Love to Hait's got a piece in today's Nashville City Paper that, while stating the obvious (Auburn likes to run the ball), serves as a great primer to focus Commie fans' attention to what is in-store for Saturday on the Plains. Boosting that point, is the AP story that Auburn running back, Brad Lester, will play, but not start on Saturday. While Hait sings the praises of LB Patrick Benoist, Mo's got another piece in today's Tennessean about Theo Horrock's having somewhat of a complex for not having an interception like two of his D-Line mates.

In that same "catch-all" article, Mo highlights how His Name Is is likely to become the all-time Vanderbilt receptions leader after Saturday's game. EB, with 198 receptions, is 11 shy of the all-time SEC record. There is also a note on CBJ's attempts at praise for Chris Nickson...I'm not buying it, it seems to me (and rightly so) that the coaching staff is extremely frustrated with Nickson's play thus far. Again, as Seamus and I talked about yesterday, the play of Nickson is key if the Commies are going to end up on the right side of Mo's Blueprint.

I know it's not necessarily the "season" for it, but Vanderbilt announced 2 more men's basketball verbal commitments. Mo Patton reports in today's paper that Vanderbilt signed "Lsnce Goulbourne and Steve Vanderbilt a pair of prospects ranked among the 100 top national prep seniors by" These guys are exciting prospects for Commies fans, and shows that CKS and his staff have taken Vanderbilt's Sweet Sixteen (should have been the Elite, I am still not over it) appearance and used it to build the program further.

Vanderbilt comes in at 11 in this week's SEC Power Poll, which, while not surprising, continues to demonstrate that the rest of the SEC thinks this is their father's Vanderbilt team.

The new Bruce Springsteen album "Magic" dropped yesterday, and it is fantastic...even if you can't understand everything he says the first 3 or 4 times through.

Isiah Thomas, despite proclaiming he is "very innocent" (is innocence a relative thing?), was found liable for sexual harassment yesterday. Is it possible this guy could do anything else to shame this once great franchise?

Finally, Matt Halladay still hasn't touched home plate.

Seamus and I are going to bride the I-95 divide for an Auburn preview later this week, in the meantime let's hear a little chatter out there.

Bobby, Out.


Anonymous said...

It's the media's job to engage in conjecture and BS (calling Mike Gundy) so it's understandable that Patton would produce something like a "blueprint"...but in the SEC every game is a one game season.

Example: After Johnny Reb took the pipe against VU, if I had given you a line of Florida by 7 in Oxford you would have emptied your checking account.

Looking at GA and S. Car now is like looking at a game next season...everything rides on this Saturday in the plains.

That being said, SC's loss of stallion LB Jaspar Brinkley is big...I apologize but FB is an inherently ruthless game and this helps VU.

Hopefully more Florida defensive starters get picked off by the Gainesville PD in the coming weeks as well.

Perhaps if they get to six wins during the season we can start to look ahead...but the D needs to bring the wood and Nickson needs to calm down and play loose this weekend.

And Isiah is still my all-time NBA starting point guard from any era and let's not forget gm. 6 of the '88 NBA finals, dropping 40 on the lakers with a sprained ankle, a top 3 NBA playoff performance.

Bobby O'Shea said...

Rack'em...huge comment of the day?