Monday, October 1, 2007

SEC Power Rankings: VSL's Vote

My esteemed colleagues and I were never able to get together on this one, so I figured the least I could do was share the VSL ballot that I submitted and open myself to their, and your ridicule.

1. LSU
#1 in the country should be good enough to make you #1 in the SEC

2. Kentucky
If you would have told me at the beginning of the year that Kentucky would be atop the SEC East at all this season, I would have called you a liar to your face

3. Florida
Losing by a FG at home is tough, but I am not ready to drop these guys too far...they could certainly drop if they lose 2 straight though

4. South Carolina
Big showdown on ESPN against Kentucky...if they can get some stability, err...quality play at QB, they will be tough

5. Auburn
Huge win in the swamp, I have them ahead of UGA because a win in Gainesville is still more impressive than a win in Bryant-Denny Stadium

6. Georgia
Need a win over UT to keep pace in the east

7. Alabama
Set back against FSU, is it possible they’ve come back to earth after some early success to teams that don’t appear to be is good as advertised?

8. Tennessee
They haven’t been impressive this year, but a win over Georgia might quiet the Fire Fulmer talk...for at least a day or two

8. Mississippi State
That win in Auburn is looking even better, too bad they couldn’t give the Cocks more of a game

8. Arkansas
See UT and trade a Fulmer for a Nutt

8. Vanderbilt
Nickson’s got a settle down if the Commies are going to end the Bowl drought

12. Ole Miss

Give us your SEC Power 12 and tell me how wrong you think I am, I can take it.


Anonymous said...

How on earth can you rank Auburn above the Dawgs? I'll give you that they had a great win last week, more impressive than a win @ Alabama, but they still have two losses (including one to a mediocre MSU team in Auburn). The Dawgs are nationally in the top 15, while Auburn still hasn't cracked the rankings. I call BS.

Anonymous said...

S. Car.
The Gold and Black
Johnny Reb

That's right: McFadden is quite good but the D is struggling in the land of the Clinton School of Public Service...

Boyer in the District said...

We'll see how good Kentucky is after they go at it with LSU and Florida.

I predict Arkansas will win out, until they travel to Baton Rouge on November 23.

Florida was exposed against Ole Miss, and Auburn proved it.

Tennessee is a horrible, horrible football team this year.

Alabama is doing what they should be doing - they'll be a major problem next year, but not this one.

Anonymous said...

S Car
Ole Miss

Anonymous said...

The basketball team just landed another 4 star recruit. Lance Goulbourne, a 6'7" swingman from the NY/NJ area. Rivals has him ranked #13 amongst small forwards. Has Kevin Stallings quietly moved Vanderbilt into a consistent top 25/top half of the SEC program? Duke did it... Stanford did it... monitor this, guys, the recruiting's starting to look like Corbin's baseball coups in '04 and '05.

Stanimal said...

Our basketball lineup is starting to look really really solid in the next couple of years.

Douglas James said...

I'm really interested to see how Stallings develops as a coach now that he is starting to get some real talent on the roster.

Anonymous said...

As if D. Byars and S. Foster have no talent?

The differenece will be having big post players (we hope) with as Napoleon D. says "skills" (lol) to compliment the pg and wings. That promotes good balance on offense as well as the depth at low post which stops penetration, which creates overall solid defense.

And don't forget, dancing with the stars sucks almost as bad as american idol.

Douglas James said...

What I should have said is having more than 1 or 2 people with upper level talent. It appears we could have a number of legitimate all-SEC players for consecutive years instead of just once in a while

Stanimal said...

4-star recruits that will be on VUs roster in 2008:

Jermaine Beal
George Drake
Steve Tchiengang
Lance Goulbourne

While it's a little much to EXPECT that Tchiengang and Goulbourne will be immediate impact players, I'm confident that they'll be able to come in and produce, if not in the starting lineup then definitely in a sixth man role (Goulbourne) and with post depth (Tchiengang). But man that's a lot of talent, more than Vandy has had in quantity in a while.

And obviously DB and Shan are talented.