Thursday, October 11, 2007

Correspondent Chris Reports on the Quarterback Controversy Heading into Saturday's Game

Another dispatch from our man Chris:

Coach Bobby Johnson does not seem to be wavering at all from his Monday Press Conference (see link below) regarding the QB situation for the 'Dores, but he had an interview this afternoon on 106.7 FM here in Nashville that was very interesting. He acknowledged a legitimate QB battle between Chris Nickson and Mackenzi Adams but seems hesitant to make any dire moves. Towards the end of the interview Coach Johnson compared his situation to two NFL quarterbacks who struggled this past weekend, Tony Romo and Vince Young. His point, to some extent, was to suggest that both Romo and Young would be starting for their teams regardless of how bad they played. He then emphatically stated that Chris Nickson has done some wonderful and amazing things for the program, so any decision made about his future and the direction of Commodore Football would not be drastic. That being said, expect Adams to get some looks if Vanderbilt struggles versus Georgia on Homecoming. However, after listening to Coach Johnson's interview it seems he is confident Nickson will make some strides this week as a more consistent field general and hold off Adams -- at least for the time being.

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Anonymous said...

When I was in middle school, I remember Bo Schembechler saying the following:

There are three critical components to a football game: tackling, blocking and the special teams. The team that wins 2 out of 3 wins the game 80% of the time. The team that wins 3 out of 3 wins 100% of the time.

Go Vandy.

Boyer in the District said...

In the words of the greatest football announcer ever, Boomer Esiason:

You know when it comes down to it football is just a bunch of plays.

Go Hogs (and Vandy).

Anonymous said...

Sorry Boyer, Keith Jackson in his prime was the Vin Scully of FB announcers.

BP said...

There's a saying - if you've got two quarterbacks, you've got no quarterback.