Friday, October 12, 2007


So says Georgia head coach Mark Richt about the Vanderbilt Commodores. Richt is calling tomorrow's matchup a "huge game" and the AJC notes that "Georgia finds itself eyeing Saturday's game at Vanderbilt with the same anticipation and anxiety usually reserved for its traditional rivals."

A few things to note:

1. Georgia comes into the game with a few key injuries, most notably senior linebacker Brandon Miller and senior running back Thomas Brown (hasn't he been at UGA for like eight years?), who will not be traveling with the team to Nashville.

2. The Bulldogs clearly are not taking this game lightly. Their desire to avenge last year's Homecoming loss to Vandy (how sweet it was) is only fueled by their anger at losing to Tennessee 35-14 last week (it was 28-0 at half).

3. This is a "show me" game for both teams. Vanderbilt is 3-2 and trying to make it to a bowl game for the first time in 25 years, but hasn't played a complete game all season and there's still no word on who will be the starting quarterback tomorrow. More on that in a minute. Georgia, on the other hand, has lost their past six straight games against SEC East opponents and appears to be at a crossroads of confidence after their 2-2 start in-conference.

Who Gets the Nod?

It appears that Bobby Johnson still has yet to decide on who will be the starting quarterback tomorrow. After Thursday's practice, CBJ said it will be a game time decision that may come down to a "hunch." Wow.

According to Mark Richt, Georgia won't change their defensive approach no matter who gets the snaps, and they expect it to be quarterback-by-committee (as do I). So the questions for VSL readers are:

1. If you were CBJ, who would you start at QB tomorrow?
2. What's your final score prediction?

I think we have a real shot to win this game because we're coming back home with something to prove after an awful loss last week. What makes me nervous is that Georgia is in pretty much the exact same position.

Tune In to ESPN2

Did I mention this game is going to be on ESPN2 at 6:00pm EST? Tell your friends, invite them over to watch the upset, and preferably have them bring you some refreshing beverages to enjoy while basking in the national spotlight. I predict a near repeat of last year and another close win for the Commodores:

Vanderbilt 20 Georgia 17


Anonymous said...

Earl goes off. Nickson is in Kentucky '06 form.

VU 31
GA 24

Boyer in the District said...

Start Nickson - give him until halftime. If it's close or they're rolling, keep him in. Anything less? Give him the hook.

Georgia doesn't have that short of a memory - they're pissed.

UGA 31
VU 14

Bobby O'Shea said...

It seems clear that CBJ is giving Chris Nickson every opportunity to keep his job. I would not be surprised at all to see Chris start, but I think he will have a very short leash. If Chris doesn't get off to a good start, Mac will be in the game by the 2nd Quarter.

This is certainly a show-me game for both teams, but if the commies can't put together a complete game (win or lose) than this team is just not as good as we thought.

Chris Martin said...

You picked the score right, but took the wrong team.

BP said...

Guys...after witnessing the latest in a seemingly infinite string of late game unravellings at Vanderbilt Stadium Saturday night, I have come to a conclusion about what must be done - Vanderbilt Stadium must be levelled.

This is not a conclusion that I've come to hastilly. I've been going to Vandy games there since I was 7 years old - over 20 years (including 4 as a student). That's 20 recruiting classes, 5 coaches, and at least 5 logo changes - and zero winning seasons. I have seen Vanderbilt lose in every way imaginable, from 65-0 (Vols, 1994) to the most heartbreaking, improbable late-game chokes imaginable (too many to lsit), and EVERYTHING in between. I have seen Vanderbilt lose to MTSU...three times. Guys, the Georgia game was the last straw for me - I think Vanderbilt Stadium is cursed. Multiple talented coaches and plethora talented players have been unable to overcome whatever bad spirits are lurking there. And it's not just that they've lost - it's how tragicly they've lost. Latest case in point: UGA 20, VU 17. This team's biggest wins in the last two years have come on the road; we know this team can play. The problem is the stadium. Let's level it completely and build a new stadium and we can play at LP Field during the construction.

Guys, I think if we ever want to escape the never-ending embarassment that is the Vanderbilt football program, this is what must be done. Let's start the movement.