Thursday, September 6, 2007

Vanderbilt Hotline: Commie Brief

There's tons about Vanderbilt in the news this week (not surprising considering the Tide and its upcoming opponents tend to be the daily #1 news story in much of the state of Alabama), so you'd be remiss not to take a gander at some of it.

Just a few nuggets to get you started:

Did you know that the Vandy-Alabama game will be a matchup of family animosity between Chris Nickson and his cousin Nick Walker, Alabama''s tight end? Of course The Sporting News would only write about it from Bama's perspective. Fine.

Ticket sales
for the game are at an all-time high. The Tide are counting on many of them to be wearing their colors. I'm hoping Vandy fans come out of the woodwork like they did for baseball - but will we have to win first?

Everyone and their mother knows Earl Bennett is one of THE keys to the game for Vanderbilt - including Bama, which is preparing extensively for him to be getting the ball. Possible opening for other players to get involved?

How about, for instance, Jeff Jennings? The Man We Love to Hait points out how huge his renewed presence is for the Commies. Incidentally, we couldn't agree more (just click on the podcast).

Finally, Mo Patton illustrates why we all despise Nick Saban, and if you can't get excited for this weekend after reading this article, you better check your pulse.


Bobby O'Shea said...

RollBamaRoll's curosry look at the Commies offense.

Chris Martin said...

It will be a real shame if Vandy takes the field on Saturday and there are 15,000 Bama fans in the stadium.

Home field advantage is worth a touchdown in this conference. I hope Vandy fans take that fact seriously.