Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Alabama Week: Riding the Crimson Wave

We are working on a preview/primer for Vanderbilt's battle with Nick the Snake's Tide, in the meantime, I wanted to point out a few articles and sites worth checking out.

Our friends at have some great insights on their team and what we can expect coming into Saturday. They also have a "cursory" look at Vanderbilt and what they expect to be the keys to the Commie attack. I would continue to check back there all this week, not just to see our "cross posts" that will probably go up on Friday.

From yesterday's Nashville City Paper, there is a story on how excited at focused CBJ's boys are for Saturday's match-up. Yesterday's Mobile Register also had a piece on how Bama must slow His Name it turns out, you can't stop him, you can only hope to contain him.

The defensive side of the ball is the focus in today's hometown papers with Mo taking aim at the lack of depth on the defensive line (a problem given how nasty the Tide's offensive front is) in the Tennessean. Theo Horrocks not playing at 100% is a serious problem, and a situation that we will be monitoring all week.

The Man We Love to Hait is more glass half-full today with a story on Reshard Langford and his "fire" heading into Saturday in today's City Paper. As Seamus and I talked about last night, Commie fans were nervous after Langford missed the 2nd half last Saturday. Hopefully he'll be back to 100% by game time.

The Huntsville Times has a clever play on words with their headline being "Dores are Knocking." Bad pun aside(that's a pun, isn't it?), it's worth a gander.

The boys over at Who Ya With are already screaming about the anti-Vanderbilt bias and the lack of love His Name Is is getting...we're right there with you boys.

That's all I've got for now, but I promise we'll have a comprehensive (or at least what passes as one on this site) preview of Saturday's game later this week.

Finally, a shout out to Best of the SEC blog for continueing to monitor the SEC Blogosphere and give the junkies a clearinghouse of information. If that plug isn't good enough for a link, I really don't know what is!

Bobby, OUT.

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