Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Vanderbilt Hotline: Tuesday Edition

OK, I shouldn't be doing this, but I really can't help myself.

This won't be as awesome as it usually is, but there are some articles worth a read.

Brian Mullen ranks SEC Quarterbacks in the Tennessean today and puts Chris Nickson at #7. Personally, I'd have Nickson a little bit higher (certainly ahead of Tim Teabow who is a largely unknown commodity throwing the ball), but I am admittedly a homer.

If Brian Stamper goes down, one could make a compelling case that Mo Patton jinxed him in today's Tennessean. Be sure and let us know when one of CTC's ace is working on a no-no, will ya Mo?

Both Mo and the Man We Love to Hait talk about Vanderbilt's early schedule and the hope that some home-cooking will do a (student) body good. With 8 home games, Vanderbilt needs to win 5 to have a shot at going bowling (personally, I think we'll win more than that, but see my comment about Nickson to clear up why).

There won't be much of a preview for Richmond, but I have printed out the game notes and will post some thoughts later this week. In the meantime, read VUCommodores.com's "Things to Know about Richmond" and Who Ya With's primers.

Crocodile OG is a sleeper to watch according to Rival.com, looks they've been keeping up with the boys at VSL.

Best of the SEC keeps linking to us...and for that, we are humbly thankful.

That's all I've got, but we want to hear from you...whatever you've got to say about the Commies is bound to be more interesting than the reading I am about to dive into.


Anonymous said...

I listened to Coach Johnson's radio show last night, and I was a bit surprised to hear him say that Earl Bennett is going to be returning punts this season. That kind of scares me. Anyone else?

Aaron said...

It doesnt scare me as much as it should. EB is a nasty player with great moves and a lot of speed. We need a person like that returning punts for us, especially since field position will be so important in all of our SEC games this year (as noted on earlier post).

Furthermore, teams have done this in the past without allowing their players to get injured or taking away from their performance on the field (OSU's Ted Ginn jr and Va Tech's Eddie Royal). Lets just hope that Bennett can handle it.

Boyer in the District said...

Felix Jones is returning kickoffs for the Hogs - that should scare some opponents, considering there will be far fewer touchbacks this year.

Anonymous said...

I was listening to LSU sports radio as I was driving home from wing night (long story I'll omit) and they were predicting a bowl from Vandy. This may not seem like much, but with about a week left in the baseball season this past year, the same radio hosts remarked, "All the Tigers need to do is sweep Vanderbilt and hope for the best, and they'll be in the SEC Tourney." Someone called in and said, "Isn't Vandy the #1 team in the nation?" And they had no idea. So... like I said, even they have been giving us an adequate prediction.

Chris Martin said...

In my opinion, there is no question that Nickson should be rated higher than seventh as he was in The Tennessean story. He will have a break out year. He should have been rated ahead of Brandon Cox (most overrated QB in the conference) and John Parker Wilson.

ryan.mccostlin said...
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ryan.mccostlin said...

I'm not sure I correctly interpreted the 'well, sort of' qualifier on Best of the SEC's link to Seamus.

I guess we should appreciate the shout out... well, sort of.

Das Fuhrer said...

Bobby, Seamus. I need you. My day is going by very slowly as I am thinking about my own blog this evening. Where is the love for Hump Day?