Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Vanderbilt Hotline: At least you'll have something new to read tomorrow, Edition

Sorry y'all, but we haven't honed a system to accommodate for keeping stuff on VSL and being in law school at the same time. We will be going to a new format soon (next week in preparation for the Alabama game, most likely). In the meantime, please bare (or is it bear?) with us.

First off, a little shameless self-promotion. asked us to do a preview of Vanderbilt for their SEC Preview. That has been posted, so check it out and make any comments you have either here or there (or both). It's mostly a recap of our previous previews, just more condensed.

Mo Patton warns that Vanderbilt is going into the Richmond game "cautiously" in today's Tennessean.

Mo double-dips in assessing the evolution of Chris Nickson. Definitely worth a read.

The man we love to Hait looks into the SEC Crystal Ball going into opening weekend, as well as some Vanderbilt Notes talking about the Commies' questionable Special Teams in today's Nashville City Paper.

As I write this I am listening to a great interview with CBJ. He mentioned a need some more depth on the D-line, despite having "quality players" starting. He called out Greg Billinger in particular. You can get this podcast, as well as other Vanderbilt updates (including Joe Fisher's daily call to 104.5) by going to iTunes and subscribing to Vanderbilt's CSTV page.

That's all I got, but keep the conversation going in the comments.

Bobby, OUT.


Chris Martin said...

'Mo Patton warns that Vanderbilt is going into the Richmond game "cautiously" in today's Tennessean.'

Coach Johnson does a great job getting his players mentally prepared for games. Fans need to do the same. Just because Richmond looks like a 'W' doesn't mean it won't be a tough game.

Diezba said...
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Diezba said...

We're big fans of Vanderbilt Sports Line, and now, alumni-fans Diezba and Mark have teamed up to publish "Star & Stripe," the newest addition to Vanderbilt's blogroll.

Each weekday (more or less), they'll publish "Naval Intelligence," a report on not just what's news in Commodore Country, but also what the other blogs and the message boards are talking about.

We'll also feature original content, including our 2007 football season forecast: "Bowling School."

Check us out:

Anonymous said...

Bobby, it's "bear with me," unless you were requesting we all get naked in concert with Vanderbilt Sports Line. In the case of the latter, I'll no longer be reading.

Bobby O'Shea said...

Andrew, Thanks for the clarification.

Diezba, welcome to the blogosphere.