Monday, August 6, 2007

Vanderbilt Hotline: This is Getting Serious, Edition

Sorry I was out of pocket Thursday and Friday, Seamus (as always) did a great job filling in and keeping Commodore Nation abreast of all Commie developments in my absence. I'm back, and with 26 days until football season kicks off, we've got a lot to talk about. Before getting into the articles, let me give you a quick run-down of what to look for this week on VSL. First off, this is the week we unveil our Vanderbilt Football previews. Today, we'll start with the offense. Just as a warning, it's a little dense, but you will be fully prepared for the season after reading our run-down of the offense. Defensive and season Schedule previews will come later this week. Second, last Thursday afternoon, I sat down for over an hour with DeFKA Guru David Williams. The highlights of that conversation will be posted later this week. Let me just say that Vanderbilt athletics is in VERY good hands. Finally, there will be another podcast. When, is not exactly clear, but don't worry, it's bound to happen sometime.

As should be expected, we'll start with football. The man we love to Hait has 10 Questions about Vanderbilt Football in today's Nashville City Paper. Hait's also got some ink on Nashville Ballerz about how today's (first) fall practice is the only chance Commie fans will have to see their boys until September 1st, as CBJ has deemed today's opening practice the only one open to the public.

Mo Patton's back and better than ever with a piece in today and Saturday's Tennessean about the Commodores. Today's article focuses on the return of Brian Stamper and the experience of the offensive line this season. Saturday's piece zeroed in on Commie corner back D.J. Moore and how CBJ and the coaching staff are relying on Moore for a breakout season this year.'s interviews with Ted Cain (offensive coordinator) and Bruce Fowler (defensive coordinator) are both posted on VUCommdores also has art of the freshman checking-in on campus yesterday.

The Arkansas Democrat Gazette has a preview of Vanderbilt that's worth checking out. Needless to say, they are skeptical of BCS talk. The Courier in Russellville, Arkansas has a preview of the SEC East, which according to Assistant Sports Editor Michal Christopher is "a Beast."

Finally, and we'll get more into this during my recap of my conversation with the Guru, Vanderbilt is slated to start a few more series with "like-minded" institutions. Starting in 2008, Vanderbilt will start a 2-game series aganist Rice. The 2008 game will be in Nashville, the 2009 contest will be in Houston. As you can see, our 2009 schedule also includes Georgia Tech and Army.

The David Price countdown is now in full swing. The Devil Rays have until August 15th to sign the #1 overall pick, or he will be returning to Nashville for his senior season. The St. Petersburg Times had a story on the negotiations in Saturday's paper. Price is currently enrolled in classes for the fall.

The Poolboy is looking to get his name out there, but before doing so, read Thought 37 about the "Do's and Don'ts" of spreading the word.

Happy, happy to Seamus' lady friend. As a present to her, he's not posting least she hopes he's not.

Big week on VSL. Stay tuned and get involved.

Bobby, OUT.

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