Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Vanderbilt Hotline: A Make or Break Day for the Baseball Team? Edition

Breaking News: Coach Tim Corbin is staying at Vanderbilt. Coach Corbin announced this morning, via that he will not "pursue overtures from the University of Oregon." It was touch and go for a while with Mo Patton and the Man We Love to Hait both have stories on Corbin's future with the Commies in their respective papers. Just goes to show you how quickly something becomes "old news." Mo Patton, who again hits the Trifecta in the Tennessean, writes about how the "Cost to sign Price may go up," now that the Detroit Tigers have signed New Jersey prep pitcher Rick Porcello (27th overall selection) to a $7 million major league contract." Mo now thinks a 10 Million dollar deal is no longer out of the question.

Mo's third piece in the Tenessean focuses on the Defensive End position and how Vanderbilt will need to rely on the sophomore duo of Broderick Stewart and Steven Stone. Seamus and I wrote about this in our Defensive/Special Teams Preview last week. Sticking with Football, Brett's got a story on Vanderbilt kicker Braynt Hanhfeldt returning to "true form" this season. The kicking game killed the Commies last season; if CBJ's boys are going to make our 8-4 prediction look like more than homer hyperbole, they are going to need improved play on Special Teams. Check out the VSL Defensive/Special Teams Preview for more on this.

Vanderbilt's season goals are on display in The Sporting News, via an AP Story...can you say, "B-C-S?"

Part One of my conversation with the Guru is up, with Parts 2 and 3 to be posted later this week. The Guru and I spoke at length about Tim Corbin and the importance of that program to Vanderbilt athletics and the overall restructuring he is overseeing. Looks like, in keeping CTC in Nashville, the Guru has done it again.

I'll be tracking David Price's status all day. In the meantime, be sure to vote for what the next Vanderbilt mascot will look like. I guess they didn't want to go with our suggestion of the hammer and sickle.

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Anonymous said...

The baseball team will be fine.

It's american idol you need to worry about. It continues to suck.

Like a brand new Hoover upright.