Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Coach Corbin: Not Committed to Vanderbilt?

What do you think? Brett Hait's got a great post on Nashville Ballerz dealing with the perception that CTC is too eager to listen to other school's overtures. Is this just the price a school like Vanderbilt has to pay when it gets quality head coaches? Is it unreasonable to think that Vanderbilt could be an end in and of itself?

To hear the Guru talk, he believes Vanderbilt is building a baseball program that will quickly become an established national power year in and year out, and Coach Corbin is the reason why. David Williams knows keeping CTC must be a priority, but at some point, you have to wonder whether CTC's willingness to listen to other offers is a sign that he doesn't see himself in Nashville for the long haul.

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Anonymous said...

Every time I see a story about Corbin being courted by another program, I have the same jittery, "The end is near" feeling. LSU was a 3 time national champion in the 90's, so of course I was leery when he was their top guy last year. However, the fact that Corbin's been able to lure top recruiting classes to Vandy, keep kids like Alvarez from going pro and signing the big bucks out of high school, and that they spent the majority of this year as the #1 team nationally (disregard the tournament... that one still stings) I can't see him leaving unless some other university offers to double his salary. In baseball, they just don't commit the kind of cash that would draw a Nick Saban from the pros, or an Urban Meyer out of Utah. So no, I didn't even flinch when an Oregon program that hadn't even had a baseball team in decades came a callin'. The only way Corbin leaves now (providing we do the smart thing and make reasonable matching offers, name the road leading to Hawkins Field after him, and maintain our commitment to baseball) is if some MLB team decides he's their man. And even so... they're going to have to pay him Saban money.