Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Vanderbilt Hotline

As Seamus will attest, I set the game of golf back 20 years with the way I hit the ball yesterday. Suffice it to say, it wasn't pretty. Brett Hait's got Micah Powell's commitment to Vanderbilt on City Paper website. Brett's also got a story on the 10 reasons why this will be the year Vanderbilt finally goes bowling. It's articles like this that make the boys at VSL LOVE Brett Hait.

More from Brett, he's got a piece on the City Paper's sports blog, Nashville Ballerz, on how "Respect Building for Nickson" is building throughout the conference. Brett is down at SEC Media Day and will have dispatches from Hoover.

Scout.com is reporting that Taylor Thompson, a 3-star recruit has committed to Vanderbilt. According to Scouts.com, Thompson is a:
"6-6, 230-pound prospect was recruited to play on the defensive side of the ball. Thompson recorded a 4.75 in the 40-yard dash and a 4.33 in the short shuttle. He will bring a lot of speed and quickness to the Commodores."

Sounds like a player to me. It appears that CBJ and his staff have been working hard this summer not only preparing for the upcoming season, but also in getting a leg-up on recruiting the Commies for the future. Speaking of Bobby, he was interviewed yesterday on ESPN Radio 106.7 in Nashville on the Thom Abraham Show.

Kim Shugart has a piece in the Birmingham Press-Register on Perdo Alvaerz's summer playing for Team USA.

Still no Entourage, but it's bound to happen any day now.

We are working on the previews for the football season (39 days until kickoff) and will have them up soon(ish).


Douglas James said...

What does the short shuttle measure? Is it a combination of speed and change of direction?

Stanimal said...

yup. you got it. The short shuttle tests your agility more than your top end speed. Most excellent running backs who can make good cuts and solid receivers with the same ability have good times in the short shuttle.

Stanimal said...

agility and acceleration

Douglas James said...

Pat Forde continues counting down Division I-A football programs. Whatever slight compliment he payed us yesterday is blown away by his harsh criticism as we are ranked as the 98th program. Ouch and I usually like his articles.

Douglas James said...

Correction Todd McShay is the one bashing us.

Anonymous said...

Consider this post a motion that from now on, we refer to him as Brett "The man we love to" Hait.