Monday, July 23, 2007

Vanderbilt Hotline: Unemployment Edition

What up Commodore Nation? I really can't tell you how happy I am right now. I am sitting on my couch, watching Mike and Mike (being hosted by Reece Davis and Kirk Herbstredt), and surrounded by newspapers. If this ain't living, I don't know what is. Once I get the Hotline done, I'm hitting the links...just another day in the life of Bobby.

There are a lot of articles today, so I won't waste any more time describing the intricacies of my life. We will start, as we so often do, with Brett Hait's piece in today's Nashville City Paper. Brett focuses on Vanderbilt's 2008 signing class. So far, according to Hait, CBJ has already received 9 verbal commitments for next year's class. Hait's attention is focused on Taylor Thompson, "a 6-foot-6, [230-pounder,] Thompson might become the most highly regarded of the group after also receiving scholarship offers from Duke, Louisville, Nebraska, Oklahoma State, Purdue, South Carolina and Stanford." While Hait's got CBJ's 2008 class at 9, is reporting that East Lake senior Micah Powell has verbally committed to the Commies for next season. The 6 foot, 190lbs. Powell has been recruited to play either free or strong safety.

Media guides for the 2007-2008 football season are now available, you can click here to order.

Staying with football, but moving to the pros, former Vanderbilt quarterback gets ink in Sunday's Denver Post. Mike Klis writes that "Soph QB Cutler has much to prove, but lots of help," while Jay also gets some run in the Post's "10 Questions Entering Training Camp."

David Climer writes in today's Tennessean about how "Vanderbilt has to retain [David] Williams." Not to belabor the point, but this was the first think that me and the boys at VSL said when EGG jumped ship. Climer makes a very compelling case, let's just hope the Board of Trust is paying attention.

Team USA, managed by Vanderbilt Coach Tim Corbin, beat China 10-0 in their first game back after losing in the Gold Medal game of the Pan America Games to Cuba. Vanderbilt hurler Matt Minor threw 6 complete, and Pedro Alvarez homered in the win. has the story. For more on Commies playing summer ball, check out this Cape League update in the Cape Cod Times.

Joe Biddle had a piece in Sunday's Tennessean about Brandt Snedeker and the things he will do, and continue to do, as he looks to make it as a pro golfer. The fact that I am currently reading John "junior" Feinstein's latest book, Q School, might make this article more interesting to me than others. I will say, if you are looking for a good book this summer (and you like golf), pick up Feinstein's book. Biddle's also got a column on "where are they now" focusing on former Vanderbilt stars.

Crocodile OG dropped 24 points and grabbed 12 rebounds in Australia's 82-67 win over Turkey.

I didn't catch Entourage or Flight last night, but my recap will follow once I do.

A quick, non-sports related note on Vanderbilt. Last week, the school announced a class that the Political Science department will be offering on the 2008 presidential nomination process. Professor John Geer (who is easily one of the best professors at Vanderbilt) and former Congressman Harold Ford, Jr. are teaming up to teach a class called "Capturing the 2008 Presidential Nominations." I think this sounds like a fantastic class, and further proof that the school is trying inventive and innovative ways to teach its students. Here's the press release and the Hustler's story. I am really glad the school is doing things like this and hope that they will continue to take full advantage of all the resources at their disposal.

Finally, a quick note on Vanderbilt Sports Line. Thanks to you, we are now #4 on Google when you type in "Vanderbilt Sports" (no quotes). We've come a long way in a short while, and it's because you all are reading. So...thanks for that.

Bobby, Out.


Bobby O'Shea said...

Kirk, Reece, and Lee Corso are hosting Mike and Mike in the Morning tomorrow. If that's not "can't miss" radio, I don't know what is.

Anonymous said...

John Geer is amazing. I was fortunate to have him for a class during the 2000 presidential campaign. I wish I could have that kind of insight during every election!

Douglas James said...

While I enjoy John Geer, I found his class on "the American Presidency" was completely overblown and a let down. Also reading that this class will only meet 6 times during the semester, I hope that students are able to get all the experience that the class promises. The Political Science department at Vandy had a hard time a few years back and I have to say as a Poli Sci major it is nice to see some innovative thinking as well as good press.

Douglas James said...

Vandy gets a backhanded compliment from Pat Forde while ripping on Duke. I'll take it....

Anonymous said...

As UNC alum, it breaks my heart to have to write this...

I hate to burst your bubble, but during the past 15 years, Duke has played in one more bowl and finished in the top 25 one more time than Vanderbilt.

In 1994, Spence Fisher led the Blue Devils to an 8-3 finish in the regular season. They lost to Wisconsin in the Hall of Fame Bowl, 34-20.

Duke also was an ACC co-champion in 1989. Mind you, that was before Florida St. joined the league, and way before Miami and VT joined the league.

Say what you want about the SEC being better than the ACC, which I think I think we all agree on. But when you crunch the numbers, Duke's got one more conference ring and one more bowl invite to show for itself than Vandy does. So Pat Forde may be the person who doesn't have his facts straight.

Begrudgingly giving the Devils some credit for once,


Woody said...


Stanimal said...

I'd say the Doctor needs a prescription for some "shut the hell up".

Unknown said...

i think you just got yourself excommunicated from all unc blogs as well.

Unknown said...

Be sure to check out EA Sports' NCAA Football '08...I picked it up for the XBox 360 the other day, and Vandy ain't half bad.

The best part? Earl is rated the 2nd best receiver in the nation. Hell, if you take the old-school Tecmo Bowl approach (Joe Montana to Jerry Rice) and throw it to #10 every single down, you'd probably have similar success.

Anonymous said...


I have no doubt that if Vandy had been playing in the pre-FSU, pre-VaTech, pre-Miami, pre-BC ACC, we would've come out with AT LEAST one bowl appearance, if not a few.

Anonymous said...

Dr. MZ, your doctorate has officially been rescinded. You are now in the territory of those waiting for honorary doctorates. Become famous, or pull down the diploma. I have said my piece.