Monday, July 16, 2007

Vanderbilt Hotline: Bobby's Back!

It just goes to show you what happens when I leave. When I left, we had a chancellor, I take off for one week, and he's gone. Perhaps its a coincidence, but I'm not so sure. Regardless, I think we can all agree that bow ties are no longer acceptable dress on campus.

Shan Foster made the Pan America team, and is the only SEC Representative on the squad. As Andy Katz pointed out in an article that posted yesterday on, "Multiple sources said the wings -- Ellington, Foster, Weaver, Taylor and Carter -- stood out too much to be dismissed." Shan in the house. Is it too early to talk about a Vanderbilt repeat for SEC Player of the Year?

EGG is apparently going to hold himself and his new home to a higher standard according to Sunday's Columbus Dispatch. Staying until the job is complete would seem to be a start.

I didn't watch Entourage or Flight last night, but will catch up tonight with those 2 gems as well as Big Love.

This is my last week at work (yes, I actually have a job beyond VSL) which means the grand-daddy Vanderbilt football previews will begin appearing soon. Get pumped, you'll be glad you did.

Bobby, OUT

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