Monday, July 16, 2007

Hotline: Part II

Seamus wrote the Hotline without realizing that "Bobby's Back!" See his post below for more detail. Read both posts if you're really that bored at work.

Shan Foster is one of 14 finalists for USA Basketball's Pan Am Games. He's in some very elite company with the likes of Texas A&M's Josh Carter, Michigan State's Drew Neitzel, UNC's Wayne Ellington, Georgetown's Roy Hibbert, Villanova's Scottie Reynolds, and others. 12 of the 14 finalists will be selected for the team. I'm excited to see Shan take over the leadership reins from DB this year.

Incoming freshman baller Andrew Ogilvy has been dominating for Team Australia in the 2007 FIBA U-19 World Champsionships. Atta kid.

We've been quite remiss in neglecting to call to your attention's three-part interview with Bobby Johnson. If you're a subscriber, you can read all three parts. If not, enjoy Part III in which Bobby voices his enthusiasm for his options in the running game and his excitement about Myron Lewis. CBJ is onto something: Going with a different and deeper look in the secondary, this could be a breakout year for Lewis. Season tickets still $99 and we're rapidly approaching September...

The chancellor formerly known as EGG is still all over the news, including in the Chronicle of Higher Education where someone's wondering whether he'll give OSU's sports program "the Vanderbilt treatment." This editorial from the Toledo Blade is one of the only Gee-skeptical pieces I've seen coming out of Ohio.

I didn't see Flight of the Conchords or any other good shows last night because I don't have HBO and I was pooped from a big weekend. I did, however, get to see President Bush up-close and personal at a wonderfully entertaining tee-ball game in honor of Jackie Robinson. I also ran into the Treasury Secretary in the grocery store on Saturday, and lo and behold his security detail didn't even tackle me when I went to shake his hand. What an outstanding public servant.

Enjoy your day.


Bobby O'Shea said...

Your Hotline is significantly better than mine. Toldeo Blade is now the official Ohio paper of the Vanderbilt Sports Line

Stanimal said...

Blue Ribbon thinks Reshard Langford is going to be a huge force for us at safety. I'm excited to see how he's progressed.