Monday, June 18, 2007

Vanderbilt Hotline: Patience is a Virtue, Edition

With this in's Hotline will be delayed.

So why don't you all get the ball rolling until I have time to scurry the earth for the 2 pieces of Vanderbilt sports news out there.


Anonymous said...

what do any of you think about a straight up trade, Gilbert for Kobe? I think DC would be losing more in the deal. Anyway Kobe stated he wants out of LA and Gil is looking for more

Stanimal said...

I think the Lakers would ask for more. At least a draft pick.

Anonymous said...

DC, as a city, has been burned big time by big money, big name players in the past.

Jagr and the Caps, Webber and the Bullets. Deion and the Redskins. Dana Stubblefield and the Redskins...come to think of it, pretty much every player the Skins have acquired through trades/free agency in the Snyder era, with the exception of Portis -- who they acquired by trading one of the five best defensive players in the NFL, and one of the best overall players in the league, Champ Bailey.

The Wizards should do everything they can to keep Arenas, who has lifted the franchise from the doormat to the playoffs, in town. And they should avoid Kobe like the plague.

But that's just one lifetime D.C. resident's opinion.


Anonymous said...

From the Chat House at today:

Washington, D.C.: Kobe Bryant is continuing to request to be traded. Do you think the Wizards should pursue Kobe and does it help or hurt the team? Can the Wizards financially afford Kobe?

Michael Wilbon: The Wizards don't have the players to give back to the Lakers. If you're the Lakers and the Wizards call, what could they give back to satisfy you? What, seriosuly? There's nothing the Wizards could, or in my opinion, should give the Lakers. What, Caron Butler and Gilbert Arenas? No. Kobe Bryant, the biggest talent and No. 1 box office star in the NBA, is about to turn 29, which sounds young, except he's got 11 years of serious NBA mileage, that includes probably 100 post-season games. And what's Kobe's history without Shaq? 0-for-5 in the playoffs...That's right. Kobe has never advanced out of the first round without Shaq, which ought to tell you something. I think the Bulls, who are rumored to be listening to the Lakers, would be crazy to take on Kobe. And the Wizards, to me, would be crazy to dismantle what they're doing to take Kobe...I know many would disagree with me, but that's my take...

Anonymous said...

american idol sucks