Thursday, June 28, 2007

Vanderbilt Hotline: NBA Draft

So I wrote this one already, but for some reason clicking "save" just isn't what it used to be (Sorry Douglas James).

Of course, the news of the day is the NBA Draft. Brett Hait recaps Derrick Byars' journey to tonight's NBA Draft in today's Nashville City Paper. Marty Blake, the director of NBA scouting, says DB could go as high as 12 and as low as 30. As Hait reports, the Knicks have said if Derrick is still on the board at 23, they will take him. With that said, the rumor out of New York is that Isiah is petitioning the league to be able to pick Renaldo Balkman again.

The Washington Post has a breif summary on DB, and has the propaganda machine kicked into over-drive.

DB is poised to be Vanderbilt's 4th first round selection. Leaving no stone unturned, Brett Hait writes in today's City Paper about Clyde Lee, the first Commie drafted in the first round.

This one's for Stan: the people love Uga.

I'll have a thread up asking for predictions on how tonight's draft shakes out. Will there be a major trade? Where will DB end up? Who goes where? Let us know what you think.


Douglas James said...

The year Cory Smith punched Ronaldo Balkman was the year DB sat out after transfering from Virginia right? Or was it the year before?

Bobby O'Shea said...

I think it was the same year, we'll have the intern look it up.

Stanimal said...

you're damn right they love UGA