Thursday, June 28, 2007

NBA Draft Predictions

Here are my predictions:

1. Oden
2. Durrant
3. Horford
4. Brewer
5. Pick will be traded
6. Conley Jr.
7. Spencer Hayes
8. Jeff Green
9. Noah
10. Yi Jianlin
11. Acie Law
12. Brandan Wright
13. Nick Young

16. Derrick Byars

Kevin Garnett will be traded before the NBA draft, and the Celtics will trade the 5th pick.

What do you think?


Douglas James said...

Conley.....not Brewer will go to Memphis. Celtics will take Yi if they don't trade the pick (which i think they might do as part of the KG trade). If Celtics aren't part of the trade Atlanta will be. Also don't see Brandon Wright falling that far and as far as DB goes I think he falls to Phoenix at 24.

Anonymous said...

What school did "Pick to be Traded" go to? I think someone will need to get picked in that spot, no?

Stanimal said...

I don't think the KG trade will go through, at least not by the NBA Draft. And here's why:

1. The Celtics want Marion, and Marion says if he goes there he's opting out of his contract in the 1st year. So unless some other bargaining chip comes into play, don't expect the Celtics to do anything in the KG rumor-fest.

2. Atlanta's not getting into the KG mix either, because our owners are morons and can't recognize that getting Amare Stoudemire would be unbelievable for the franchise. So instead we're going to spend the third pick on Yi Jianlian and watch as he busts but hey, at least the Chinese will still watch the Hawks! Then we'll select Acie Law at #11 or do something REALLY dumber like trade the #11 pick for Luke Ridnour.

3. I like DB at 20 to Miami. They need someone who can shoot the three at the other wing and he'd fit in nicely in that role.

If that situation happens, Horford is going 4 to Memphis and Conley falls to the Bucks at 6 (Memphis took Kyle Lowry from Villanova last year).

Douglas James said...

I don't think the Heat will take him because they have Dwayne Wade as the big guard and Jason Kapono and Antione Walker as Forwards who like to shoot 3's. They also have Udonis Haslem at power forward. So they need a big guy to take minutes away from Shaq or a point guard cause Gary Patton is 89 years old and Jason Williams is too much style not enough substance (unless that substance is Weed......hahaha i'm quite proud of that joke)

Stanimal said...

Chad Ford's latest mock has Derrick falling out of the first round. I have asked a question in his sports chat in order to address this travesty.

masonfan said...

Boston has already said they are not trading their pick. Then again one thing I've learned about he NBA draft is never believe what an organization has to say before hand. Conley is the 3rd or 4th pick he is not falling that far. Behind Oden and Durant he is the best player available.

Bobby O'Shea said...

Masonfan, while that might be true, I don't think Conley will go 3 or 4.

Stanimal, do we need to e-mail bomb Ford's inbox?

Stanimal said...


Dr. MZ said...

Looks like somebody's still bitter about Jeff Green, Bobby.


Masonfan said...

Mark it down Conley will go in the top 4.

The top 4 are bascially a lock right now. With that said and it being after 2pm EST, trades are out of the question until after the first basically Boston has put themselves in the number 1 spot and no one has a clue what these guys are doing.

Stanimal said...

Conley will go 4 if Horford goes 3. According to rumors, it appears as though Billy Knight has convinced the Hawks ownership that Horford should be their pick over the marketing dollars of Yi Jianlian.

Thank god.

Masonfan said...

Stan's the man, finally someone sees the light over here and agrees with the expert.

I'll be holding a lecture on Saturday afternoons from 1pm to 3pm in the field house at Mason to teach anyone of you about the sport of basketball.

Douglas James said...

C'mon Mason....on the first post of this discussion I said Conley was going to Memphis with the 4th pick....give me some credit.......I also will be holding a lecture on how to lose money you don't have in AC this weekend if anyone wants to join in

Masonfan said...

you're right i reread you post, i think i was responding more to Stan's first post on this thread and Bobby's post.

Bobby O'Shea said...

ESPN Radio is reporting that Amare Stodimire has vetoed a trade that would have sent him to Atlanta, KG to the Suns, and draft picks to the Wolves.

Douglas James said...

I'm confused on why Suns would have to give up both Marion and Stodimire to get KG? Is it the money? Aren't they better off getting rid of 1, some of their draft picks and anyone else besides bell and nash for KG? Thats what I would do

Bobby O'Shea said...

The latest from's Ian Thomsen has Ray Allen being traded to Boston for Wally S. and the 5th overall pick. If his predictions are right on where people go, my predictions are going to look really, really bad. I personally don't see Brewer dropping to 10.

Douglas James, it's either Marion or Amare (I think) that the suns are proposing to deal. Not both.

Seamus O'Toole said...


The thief in my office was discovered and I am no longer under suspicion...this is a truly wonderful day. There's no telling what'll happen next. I'm predicting it now: Derrick Byars goes #5 to the Celtics! Josh McRoberts goes undrafted and winds up selling concessions at Celtics games after a two-year career in Europe! David Stern announces his retirement in order to invest his fortune in a start-up pleather basketball manufacturing company!

The day is mine...

Stanimal said...

That report would be conflicting with everything else, for numerous reasons.

1. Stoudemire CAN'T veto trades because he does not have a no-trade clause in his contract.

2. It was the ownership of the Hawks who vetoed a "hypothetical" situation which would have sent Amare to them.

3. The Suns claim they have not had any talks with any teams about trading Amare, (Possibly bogus, you can't trust any of these clowns at draft time).

Joe Johnson has also stated that he spoke with Amare over the phone and that Amare welcomed the proposed trade idea. Unfortunately the Hawks are too bone-headed to pursue it any further.

Stanimal said...

Hey Bobby, what are you going to do when Isiah drafts a second rounder with the 23rd pick again?

Bobby O'Shea said...

The Knicks are dead to me. The only chance they have to redeem themselves is to draft DB and send a jersey.

In an attempt to stay current, here's another story has the Bobcats as third party in the menage for KG

Douglas James said...

Bobby any chance of you becoming at Nets fan giving that a) they will hopefully draft DB b) they are moving to Brooklyn c) they are owned by HOVA himself....JAY-Z!!!!!!

Bobby O'Shea said...

It's possible. I have grown to really hate the NBA. Besides, if I acquire another team, it's very possible my lady friend will finally safe enough is enough and give me the boot.