Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Owens Commits to Vandy

Late last week the Commies picked up their fifth early committment to their 2008 football class when Safety Al Owens gave his verbal to Vandy. Owens is a 6'1" 180 pound safety from Springtown, TX (his coach claims he's 6'2" 195, but that could be an exaggeration). He had been considering Colorado, SMU, Missouri, Purdue, Duke, Stanford, Virginia, and Wake Forest before deciding on the Commodores.

Owens has 4.4 speed (clocked at 4.47 by K-State coaches after his junior year), and had 90 tackles last year with 2 interceptions. He's a hard-hitting safety as well and does not shy from contact. He earned all-district honors during his sophomore and junior seasons. Owens was one of the highest ranked safety prospects in Texas according to several outlets, and there is no doubt he will be of tremendous assistance in a position where the Commies badly need depth.

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Boyer in the District said...

This IS exciting news, I'm sure. However, what is this "safety" thing you speak of?


Shawn Kemp

Anonymous said...

Colorado SUCKS. I wouldn't admit you stole a guy from those clowns.

Anonymous said...

Any idea on his GPA and standardized test scores?

Stanimal said...

Anonymous- Nothing on GPA or standardized tests.

Boyer in the District- I don't get it.

Masonfan- It's a big 12 program that has a very good tradition that is in a slump. Not to mention it wasn't the ONLY school I mentioned.

Anonymous said...

I'm not knocking your pickup sounds like a decent player. Clearly by a number of the schools listed he is not only a good football player but going to be a heck of student. I just can't stand Colorado, ever since 1990 when they stole a title away from my beloved Fighting Irish of Notre Dame

Anonymous said...

Stan -


Shawn Kemp has fathered an insanely high amount of kids with an insanely high amount of women.

Safety = condoms.

Boyer in the District

Anonymous said...

Kemp also likes his blow, pot and semi-automatics.

Stanimal said...

A-ha, NOW I get it. Sometimes they slip by me.

Seamus O'Toole said...

Boyer is an esoteric sports trivia goober. How do you expect us to connect the dots on that comment, huh? Unless you're quoting Jerry Garcia or Trey Anastasio, don't expect me to appreciate any of your snide references.


Bill Walton

Stanimal said...

What a pathetic play from a pathetic human being! This has to be one of the worst blog fights in the history of western civilization.

Anonymous said...

i would love to attend a family reunion with Shawn Kemp and ALL of his kids.