Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Vanderbilt Hotline: "It's called a winning streak," Edition

We begin today with Lock it Up softball. For those of you who don't personally know me or any of the players involved, I apologize. But something happened last night that hasn't happened, really, since this team was formed. We won our 3rd straight. Lock it Up's 12-7 win last night got the squad back to .500 as we approach mid-season (if we aren't there already). The bats came alive in the first with 7 runs, the defense came up big, making plays all night long, and only allowing 1 (or 2) unearned runs. The future is bright for Lock it Up, the future is bright indeed.

Now to Vanderbilt sports. Stanimal's got a post on Vanderbilt's most recent commitment from Texas native, safety Al Owens. Boyer in the District, true to form, has already blessed the comments section with a cloneism.

Staying with football, today's Tennessean took a "time out" with Vanderbilt Head Coach Bobby Johnson. Who knew he was s Steely Dan fan?

Brett Hait writes in today's Nashville City Paper about the total depletion of Vanderbilt's pitching staff due to defections, a transfer, and a violation of team rules.

Mealmart returns to ranting, this time, he's got the summer in his sights. I particularly agree with complaints #9, #4, and #1.


Stanimal said...

My post is so much more entertaining than yours.

Douglas James said...

I know its the Doldrums of summer but we have alot of stuff to talk about......the NBA draft is coming up soon. Everyone who reads this just got their Athlon Sports mag. Depending on people leaving early we could have 3 or 4 first days picks in the NFL draft this year.

Anonymous said...

before you talk about 3 or 4 NFL first round picks....let us play the season. Wins over the Spiders aren't impressing any front offices.

Stanimal said...

too late masonfan too late