Thursday, May 3, 2007

3 Point Line Moved Back: Your Thoughts

Douglas James and Boyer and the District's clamoring for a discussion of the moving of the 3-point line have not gone unheeded. The line will be moved back 1 foot to 20 feet, 9 inches. Here's the link. Douglas and Boyer, consider yourselves heeded.


Stanimal said...

How's that going to effect shots from the corner?

Anonymous said...

Part of me wants to think that this is "making a change just to make a change." I think I'm with Bruce Pearl - "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

Something can certainly be said for forcing players into better shot selection, increasing the amount of mid-range shots, and opening up more lane play (though as BYU Coach Dave Rose notes - "a foot won't make much difference").

The main criticism of this is that the lane is not being widened. By spreading out the players more, it allows for easier low post play - probably where the greatest changes for coaches and players will be. Thus the question - if you're going to move the line back, you have to widen the lane accordingly. That was NOT done in this case.

Also, I think the argument that moving the line back makes the transition to the NBA easier is ridiculous. Only a small percentage of players that compete in NCAA Men's Basketball ever make it to the NBA - so why cater to that small group?

As I mentioned earlier - I feel like this is a change just to make a change.

I want to know, gentle reader, what are OTHER rule changes (realistic) that you would want the NCAA to consider, related to the game as its played...less time on the shot clock? allowing 6 fouls?


Boyer in the District

Douglas James said...

Thank you. I should be studying for my Civ pro final but who wants to do that! I think this could be a big deal for Vandy. I don't see our % dropping a ton but considering we are losing DB and Cage and that Foster and Red are streaky at best from 3 we won't be able to rely on it nearly as much as we used to. It will only take 1-2 threes a game to make a big diff. Maybe i'm just worrying about nothing though. Also Bruce Pearl is complaining about this big time....hahaha

Anonymous said...

Red is much better from NBA range anyway.

I think dunk shots should only be worth 1 point. That would help Vanderbilt a lot.

Douglas James said...

Hahaha...very true....but we might get hurt by a rule like that when Jason Holowerda (no idea how to spell his name)comes back to Vandy under a fake name and starts throwing down reverse tomahawk jams again!

Anonymous said...

I see this being a problem for schools like Vandy. But Final Four programs like Mason, shouldn't worry about it.