Thursday, April 12, 2007

Vanderbilt Hotline: Seamus goes Jimmy Dolan for the Commies*

*Note to our readers, I am referring to the fictional Jimmy Dolan, played by Kevin Bacon in the classic movie "The Air Up There," not the moron who has run the New York Knicks into the ground.

Seamus and his lady friend departed yesterday for Africa. While there has been talk of service, I am really hoping Seamus takes time away from helping save the world to find us a big name like Saleh, even if that means joining an African tribe and going through whatever rituals are necessary to become "one of them." While we weren't able to record a podcast before Seamus departed there will be one up this week, either with Bobby going solo, or with a "celebrity" guest-host. I hear Don Imus doesn't have anything to do starting on Friday, so maybe he'll try and rebuild what's left of his career and reputation on VSL. He's gotta start somewhere.

Another classic last night at Hawkins Field, as the baseball team avoided dropping their first OOC game to Belmont while Brett Hait puts in down in the Nashville City Paper. David Macias led off the 9th with a double, reached 3rd on a sacrifice bunt by Alex Feinburg. Feinburg reached on an error and then moved over to 2nd after Belmont intentionally walked Dominic de la Osa. Macias then scored on a wild pitch. Belmont clearly fell apart, as they never trailed in the on a wild pitch in the 9th. Maurice Patton has a recap in the Tennessean, game until Macias scored the winning run in the bottom half of the ninth. Last night marked the 11th time this season the Commies have won a 1-run game, and the 8th time they have done it against an OOC opponent. Vanderbilt will travel to Lexington for a three-game set with Kentucky starting on Friday.

Brett Hait's Vanderbilt Notebook is chalked full of valuable information. The qualifying rounds of the Women's NCAA Bowling Championships starts today and continuing through Saturday. The finals will air live on ESPNU Saturday at 3pm and replayed on ESPN2 on Sunday at 2pm. When Vanderbilt makes the finals, Bobby will be at a sports bar watching on Saturday. Y'all's invitations are in the mail.

Hait also points out that the late signing for high school basketball players starts today. CKS has already signed 3 players, and Hait says the player to watch is "6-6 forward Darshawn McClellan of Edison High in Fresno, Calif." According to Hait, McClellan "is considering Vanderbilt, Fresno State and several other smaller schools on the West Coast." Hait also reports that, as of right now, Baseball America is predicting that Vanderbilt junior David Price will be the #1 player taken in the amateur draft. If that happens, hopefully he will get the call with a National Championship ring on his finger.

Bobby's old professor is getting some ink on Fred Thompson and the 2008 Presidential Election. If you're reading this Professor Geer, just remember who showed you the love.

I will limit my American Idol chatter to simply saying, I was right (again) with my bottom 3. I hope the hot streak continues when I head to Vegas in May.

For those "Losties" out there, last night was a freaking classic. Stanimal and friend of the blog Dr. MZ have a great Lost blog that you should check out. I am sure after last night's revelations, they will have a lot to discuss.

Please consider joining the NCC 2020 Society. We're still waiting for Anonymous' list of cool music, in the meantime, "It's Hip to be Square."


Anonymous said...

Saleh was overrated. His brother Halawi was a much more gifted player and Winabi would have had no chance against Mingori if he didn't suit up at the last minute.


PS I've seen that movie about 20 times.

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to Blue Chips? There's a gem of a film if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

Boyer --

I'll buy you a beer the next time I see you if you can tell me who played Ricky Roe in Blue Chips without consulting the Internet.


Double or nothing if you can name the booster character who bought Nick Nolte's recruits for him.

Anonymous said...

Indiana forward Matt Nover...Happy Kirkendahl (sp?) the "friend of the program"

Anonymous said...

Best overlooked music:

JOHNNY WINTER – just check out a song like “Illustrated Man” and then try to say the guy doesn’t shred!! He was one of Stevie Ray Vaughan’s big influences.

PATRICK O’HEARN – forget that Yanni crapola…the “Metaphor” album by O’Hearn is a true classic in the “new age” genre.

PINK FLOYD’S “Animals” album – everybody talks about Dark Side of the Moon and the Wall, and yes those are really great albums especially DSOtM…but true Floyd fans love “Animals”

OZRIC TENTACLES – especially albums like “Waterfall Cities”

HAWKWIND – obscure progressive British band that influenced obscure British groups such as Ozric Tentacles as well as mainstream bands such as Genesis.

THE RADIATORS – New Orleans pre-jam-band era “jam-band” – they influenced groups such as Widespread Panic etc.

POINT BLANK – forgotten hard rock group out of Texas, did a great cover version of Deep Purple’s “Highway Star” but great originals as well.

SEA LEVEL – this Allman Bros. spinoff spawned some great pre-jam-band music, was popular with the “Dead-head” crowd.

YNGWIE MALMSTEEN – no not a misprint. The much despised European guitarist is still one of the most amazing musicians on the planet. Throw Rush drummer Neal Peart in on this listing.

JIMMY HALL AND THE PRISONERS OF LOVE – had to throw one local recommendation in. The former Wet Willie frontman has been kicking butt around town forever.

Anonymous said...

Dr. MZ -

I would not have known Matt Nover - but J.T. Walsh - who has done several movies, I THINK, was the booster. Wasn't he in Hoffa???

-B in the D