Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Anonymous Top 10

Anonymous stepped up and gave us a list of his/her top 10 "overlooked" artists. Proving how uncool I am, I've heard of exactly one of these bands. Here they are:

JOHNNY WINTER – just check out a song like “Illustrated Man” and then try to say the guy doesn’t shred!! He was one of Stevie Ray Vaughan’s big influences.

PATRICK O’HEARN – forget that Yanni crapola…the “Metaphor” album by O’Hearn is a true classic in the “new age” genre.

PINK FLOYD’S “Animals” album – everybody talks about Dark Side of the Moon and the Wall, and yes those are really great albums especially DSOtM…but true Floyd fans love “Animals”

OZRIC TENTACLES – especially albums like “Waterfall Cities”

HAWKWIND – obscure progressive British band that influenced obscure British groups such as Ozric Tentacles as well as mainstream bands such as Genesis.

THE RADIATORS – New Orleans pre-jam-band era “jam-band” – they influenced groups such as Widespread Panic etc.

POINT BLANK – forgotten hard rock group out of Texas, did a great cover version of Deep Purple’s “Highway Star” but great originals as well.

SEA LEVEL – this Allman Bros. spinoff spawned some great pre-jam-band music, was popular with the “Dead-head” crowd.

YNGWIE MALMSTEEN – no not a misprint. The much despised European guitarist is still one of the most amazing musicians on the planet. Throw Rush drummer Neal Peart in on this listing.

JIMMY HALL AND THE PRISONERS OF LOVE – had to throw one local recommendation in. The former Wet Willie frontman has been kicking butt around town forever.

You got overlooked artists or albums? Let's hear them, god knows we need something to talk about. In the meantime, while you're thinking of sweet tunes most of us have never heard of, contribute to the National Commodore Club.


Anonymous said...

Let's see Huey Lewis do some 64th notes on guitar...

Anonymous said...

This guy looks sort of like Huey Lewis...

Anonymous said...

Pink Floyd's "Meddle" album - too mainstream?

Also, there's a version of Aerosmith's "Dream On" out there done by Malmsteen and my man Ronnie James Dio. Worth a listen.

-Boyer in the District

Anonymous said...

I actually have a VINYL copy of Meddle - the "Echos" side is outstanding.

Not overly mainstream at all.
Very cool!

I always liked the "Rainbow Rising" album by Richie Blackmore (Deep Purple) and Ronnie J. Dio.

Anonymous said...

You think you're cool Mr./ Ms. "Anonymous" - stealing my screen name and then not even mentioning the Jimmy Page/Black Crowes version of "Oh Well"

I guess you blew it.

Anonymous said...

I blew it? F. you.

You probably don't even know where all those 90's "grunge bands" got the idea for thick crunchy guitar tone.

No doubt you never heard THIS guy:

Anonymous said...

Duh. He did the "boom boom, out goes the lights" song live.

You call that jamming out?

now, THIS is jamming:

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling "Anonymous" is Ben Janke. Who else would point out "The Radiators," but a New Orleanian himself? While they are good, I'm going to have to suggest "The Happy Magic Jumbo Band" and their album, "Wanking." Mainly, I'm suggesting this because this was my band in 6th grade. Regardless, "Anonymous" hath been outed.