Monday, April 9, 2007

Vanderbilt Hotline: Just another manic Monday?

What up Commodore Nation. Hope everyone had a great weekend and a happy Easter. As has become the standard in the life of Bobby, my weekend was very uneventful, although I am almost caught up on Season 6, Part 1 of the Sopranos (more on this to come). It was a pretty busy weekend for the Commies, with the baseball team falling just short of a sweep against the Tide, the lady laxers beating Johns Hopkins, and the both tennis teams besting the Cocks of South Carolina.

We'll start with football, because why wouldn't we in the middle of April? Mo Patton had a piece in yesterday's Tennessean about Chris Nickson's "Confident Spring." From Nickson's quotes, you have to feel good about what Coach Bobby Johnson's team is capable of. I also want to take this opportunity to announce that VSL will be posting a petition later today, requesting that DeFKA guru David Williams do everything in his power to round out Vanderbilt's out of conference schedule for the next 10 years (and hopefully beyond), by signing a deal with Northwestern to open up each of the next 10 seasons (starting in 2008) against the Wildcats. The case for this arrangement has been made several times in this space and will be included in our thread that will appear later today.

As I mentioned above, the baseball team failed to seal the deal yesterday, and did not sweep the Crimson Tide of Alabama. The boys in black lost 5-3 in 10, and Mo Patton and Chris Lee have recaps in the Tennessean and Nashville City Paper respectively.

Vanderbilt women's lacrosse beat Johns Hopkins 11-10 in dramatic fashion...which is lovely. Both the men and women's tennis teams beat South Carolina 5-2 yesterday. The men earned their first doubles shut-out of the season, and the #16 ladies were able to get past the #22 Cocks in Nashville.

I mentioned it on Saturday, but based on the web counter no one seemed to notice, but a Jamie Graham, one of CBJ's commits, was honored as the Tennessean's Player of the Year. Hopefully, he'll be able to go both ways, despite the Stanimal's warranted, although extremely annoying, skepticism.

A few house-keeping items. This week we will be bring back the Hoser of Week award. That thread will go up either today or tomorrow. Second, since people seem to hate the Idol chatter (like what I did there?), I have scaled it back. I'm not eliminating it entirely, because, frankly, I don't want to. BUT, every Monday, you can expect at least a paragraph or two discussing what transpired on Sunday's episode of The Sopranos and Entourage. As I alluded to above, I am not actually all caught up with last season of The Sopranos, so I will have to do double duty next Monday. I did, however, watch Entourage, and let me tell you, it did not disappoint. Vince and the boys are back for their 4th season. I will say a couple things. One, I need one of my friends to be a Vince. I wish it could be me, but it ain't gonna happen. Despite my buddy Bude's extreme disapproval, I could very happily be E or Ari for that matter. Two, Vince's new agent is hot. She was hot in Son-in-Law, she was hot in Spin City, and she is still hot. Three, Turtle is really coming into his own as the house manager/social director in Vince's life. Stroke of genius getting corporate sponsorship for Vince's birthday. Bobby O's got a birthday coming up, so take notes on what you saw last night. I don't need a cruise ship, but I really liked the direction they went in.

Good news so far out of Texas about the little guy. VSL's readership is all thinking about you, even if many of you don't know why.

That's all I got. This is gonna be a big week on VSL, so be sure to check back.

Bobby, OUT.

Photos courtesy of the Tennessean,, and some website called MagneticMediaFed that I found via a Google Images search.

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Unknown said...

well done buddy, I especially like the support for the Lil guy, i'm sure that means a lot to him, i'll be in DC late tonight and interviewing tomorrow. Don't know if I'll have any down time, but I'll keep you posted.