Saturday, April 7, 2007

2007 Tennessean Basketball Player of the Year to Play for CBJ...

But will he also play for CKS?

Whites Creek senior Jamie Graham was named the 2007 Tennessean Basketball Player of the Year. Graham is a defensive back, but according to the article, there is a "nine out of 10 chance he will suit up for Kevin Stallings." If Graham does "go both ways" on the hardwood and gridiron, it has the potential to really work out for everyone. CBJ is getting a great athlete who will help Vanderbilt's currently suspect secondary. CKS is getting a great athlete and play maker, without having to use a give up a scholarship. Even better, we get to watch Graham be an impact player for both. Sounds like a win-win to me.

(Photo courtesy of the Tennessean)

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Stanimal said...

While I have a great deal of respect for the multi-sport athlete, I have to say that being one at the next level does not translate very well.

Very rarely do these guys play both sports the entirety of their college careers, and if they do, it's mostly those that play football and baseball that last and almost never football and basketball.

For one, the seasons overlap, and that takes away from the development of the player at the next level. College basketball quite clearly is at a whole different echelon than high school, where great athletes can stand out without having as much development. In addition, training for football and basketball is for the most part entirely different, and in order for us to compete we need to have players who are full on into the off-season program.

It's a nice thought that we can get two for one, but at the next level that leads to burnout. The training and rigor of both seasons is just too intense. Expect this kid to choose one or the other in two years, if he does it at all.