Monday, April 30, 2007

Vanderbilt Hotline: Bring out the Brooms...

Not a huge weekend for Vanderbilt Sports, but certainly a HUGE weekend in the world of sports. I will start with Vanderbilt, because after all, this is a Vanderbilt Sports blog. Given the content, it won't take long.

Vanderbilt baseball is back to their winning ways, sweeping Florida in Nashville and increasing their winning streak to 7 straight. Mo Patton highlights the quality "spot start" Tim Corbin got from Cody Crowell yesterday to get earn the 13-5. The Commies outscored the Gators 40-12 in the 3 games, meaning the bats are back. As Uncle O'Shea cautioned from the stands at Yankee Stadium (more on this later), the Gators are down this season. Still, Vanderbilt's win gives them their second SEC sweep in as many series and gives Commodore fans reason to be excited. Brett Hait chronicles Vanderbilt's domination of the Gators in today's Nashville City Paper. In other baseball news, Vanderbilt and Middle are depriving the O'Shea's of a rubber-match this season, as they have cancelled their game scheduled for May 8th. Vanderbilt scheduled the game in case of a rainout in any of their other OOC games. Because Vanderbilt has not had such a rainout, they will reach the NCAA maximum of 56 games. Vanderbilt has 9 games left, traveling to Georgia and Auburn over the next two weekends, before finishing the season against LSU in Nashville.

The Lady Laxers helped their cause by beating Cornell 16-10 yesterday in Ithaca (Gorges!). Vanderbilt will play Johns Hopkins in the inaugural American Lacrosse Conference Tournament in Baltimore on May 3rd. Despite being ranked #11 in the nation, Vanderbilt is not assured an NCAA tournament berth and will need a good performance in the tournament to give the Lady Laxers a chance to add some much needed hardware to keep the National Championship Bowling trophy company.

Today's Hotline Hot Topic will be the NFL Draft. I was very happy with what my beloved Jets did. They needed a cornerback - check; they needed someone to plug into the 3-4 with Jonathan Vilma - check. While Douglas James questioned whether we gave up to much to get Revis, I am inclined to trust this management team. They are building this team the right way, and if they think the two guys they got in the first round are worth it, than so do I. As for everything else, I think (like most) that Miami made a big mistake by passing on Quinn for Ginn. What do you think? The Draft thread will be up shortly.

Thanks to Austen for sending me this article on my once favorite team, the New York Knicks. The Knicks really are dead to me, and Isiah is why.

I went to the Yankees/Sox game on Saturday and Sunday, and as a Yankee fan, I am very nervous. Not only is the bullpen awful, but I can't make any sense out of what Torre is doing. For one, Bobby Abreau, the #3 hitter, bunted 3 times (twice on Saturday, once on Monday). Each time, the Yankees had runners on first and second with one out or less. Bobby was 0-3 with a strikeout and a fielders choice (where he failed to advance the runner) on these bunts. The most egregious was in yesterday's bottom of the 5th with two on, no out, Yankees down 4-3. If this is Torre's call, it's awful; if its Bobby thinking for himself, he should clearly stop doing that.

I had the worst traveling experience yesterday that I am now going to bore you with. Due to an accident on the Triborough Bridge, there was a huge back-up on the FDR (why the guy took the FDR is beyond me, but I digress...). Realizing I was going to miss the last shuttle back (the 9pm), I got out of the car, walked south on the promenade to one of those bridges that take you over the highway, tried to look as tough as possible (not tough at all, as it turns out) through a rather rough part of town and got picked up by the rentals. Missing the 9:05 train from Penn Station, I went home, watched the Sopranos (which was awesome, and something I will get to in a minute), and headed down to 34th street around 10:15. Of course, due to "police activity" on Metro North, my train was 30 minutes late. All said and done, I didn't get home until 3:30. An absolutely miserable night, if you don't feel sorry for me, you should.

Now to the Sopranos. It was a totally fantastic, and totally weird episode. Being a loyal watcher from the beginning, I had no idea Tony was such a degenerate gambler. Tony went at it with the people that he is closest with (Heish, Carmela, and Dr. Melfi), in some way, shape, or form, over his gambling. Recently outed and subsequently deaded, Vito, is having trouble at home from beyond the grave. Vito Jr. is not taking well to his Dad's death and has gone Goth. Despite the interventions of Phil Leatardo and Tony (by the way, these two are definitely going to have it out before the series concludes), Vito Jr. is having a tough go. If defecating in the shower isn't a cry for help, I really don't know what is. Finally, I think David Chase (Sopranos creator) is setting us up for Tony to save America by helping avert a terrorist attack. On the way to Vito Jr.'s, Tony saw two Muslim guys who frequented the Bing going into a Mosque. According to reports, the 9/11 Hijackers also went to "Gentleman's Clubs" before murdering 3,000 Innocent people (I guess they couldn't wait for their virgins), and I can't help but think that the FBI agents who came to Tony's house asking for help was no accident.

I didn't watch Entourage, but will catch-up on that tonight and give those of you who care my thoughts.

That's all I got, draft thread will be posted shortly.

Bobby, OUT.

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