Friday, April 6, 2007

Titles of Earl Bennett Articles Next Season

Earl is a cool name. When Earl Bennett is dominating the SEC this season, there will be no shortage of newspaper/magazine articles that try to cleverly play off of his namesake. For any sports writers who happen to be reading, here's a starter list of ideas for your stories:

"Earl's World" (a discussion of how he owns SEC secondaries)
"Earl Unfurled" (about how it's no longer a secret that he's nasty)
"StEARLing" (about how he shines even compared to more highly touted receivers)
"Commodores Found a Pearl in Earl" (about how his size led to him being overlooked at more big-time programs, but CBJ was smart to spot his potential)

Our many readers who write for local, regional, and national media are welcome to use these titles so long as they credit Seamus O'Toole, VSL. Press inquiries may be directed to

Yeah, I'm bored.

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