Monday, March 5, 2007

Vanderbilt Hotline: India in the House

Besides the disappointing end to the men's season, Vanderbilt sports had another big weekend. The ladies won the SEC Tournament in Duluth, the baseball team won improving their record to 14-0, the lady laxers demolished Duke 19-9, the men's tennis team upset #37 Auburn yesterday at the Currey Tennis Center 5-2 for their first SEC win, and the bowlers won the Alabama A&M's Holiday Classic. While I don't know what "holiday" this classic was celebrating, since we won, it doesn't much matter now does it?

As a rabid commie, I was certainly disappointed in Saturday's result. I have already taken responsibility for the loss and really don't think we need to harp on it. It was a bad game. We laid an egg. "Let's not relive it." Vanderbilt will now play the winner of the Arkansas/South Carolina game on Friday @3:15. Vanderbilt Sports Line will be hosting a viewing party (and by "host," we mean we will be at a bar and you can pay for your own food and drinks) somewhere, most likely at Porter's Dining Saloon near Dupont. All this week, we will be getting you prepared for the SEC Tournament and discussing Vanderbilt's evolving tournament seeding prospects. I think Vanderbilt has a great draw in the tournament. They can't face Tennessee or Florida until the finals, and while are looking at games against the two teams that have recently beat us (Arkansas and Mississippi State), I think we all know that the Commies can beat both of these teams.

Despite a 10-6 record in conference, Vanderbilt will more likely than not drop out of the ESPN/USA Today Coaches poll; what the AP voters do is really anyone's guess. As always, check back at VSL to find out where Vanderbilt is ranked heading into post-season play. Before Saturday's game, Vanderbilt was a 6 seed in Bracketology. That too is sure to fall when Joe updates his bracket later today.

The Vanderbilt Women's team hoisted the SEC Tournament Trophy after defeating LSU 51-45 last night. Going into last night's game, the ladies were averaging 93 points a game in the SEC Tournament. The fact that they were able to win, despite the low scoring nature of the game, speaks to the talent of this team. Clearly, they are able to win even if they are taken out of "their game." With their win, the ladies are not expecting a 2 Seed in the NCAA Tournament. As Chad pointed our, senior Carla Thomas was named tournament MVP. She was also named tournament MVP as a freshman in 2004, the last time the lady commies won the SEC Tournament.

Here is the the most authoritative recap out there on Vanderbilt Baseball from Woody. For those of you looking for something a little more pithy, click here.

Big shout-out to Howell in India for dropping us a line letting us know that Commodore Nation is now global. For all you out there, especially people who don't typically drink beer with us on the weekend, send us an email and let us know you are out there so we can add you to the distribution list.

Finally, proof that there are Vanderbilt people with at least as little to do as us, Brother Woody passed along this link for you entertainment.

Check back later for SEC Pick'em regular season results, Vanderbilt's updated rankings in both the men's and women's polls, Bracketology changes, and basically whatever else we feel like yakking about.

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From The Commodores have lost each regular season finale in Stallings' eight seasons, and Stallings said he wished he had done a better job getting them ready to play.