Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Vanderbilt Hotline: Derrick Byars is USC Circa 2004

Much like the USC Trojans in 2004, Derrick Byars could only muster a split-decision as SEC Player of the Year. While we are very happy that the coaches got it right, we are still not thrilled with the AP voters. The SEC coaches did one better, and honored Kevin Stallings as SEC Coach of the Year as well. The Case for Derrick Byars is a must read, particularly if you are a member of an admissions committee that currently has Bobby on the waitlist.

I am hoping the "slight" by the AP will give Derrick and Shan (who was only an AP "Honorable Mention") a little fire in their belly. Vanderbilt will play the winner of the Arkansas/South Carolina game which tips off at 3:15 tomorrow. For Vanderbilt, their defensive intensity will be the key. We will be doing a larger SEC Tournament preview tomorrow and, just in time for Vanderbilt's march through March, VSL will (try) to unveil something that will change the Vanderbilt Sports Line FOREVER. (That's what you call, in the biz, a tease)

As both the mens and womens team gears up for the tournament, DeFKA is pimping one of the worst "show your support" promotions ever. DeFKA will be giving out (and making available at the book store) headbands. DeFKA is encouraging Commie fans to "don headbands and wear white as a show of support for the Commodore teams." Are they serious? While it is possible I might "don" a headband - if only to stick out more than I already do when I watch the games at the bar - I will not wear white. We all saw what happened when I didn't wear my sweatshirt last Saturday, and I refuse to do that to my team again. If you do "don" a headband and wear white, we do encourage you to take pictures and send them to VSL.

The men are getting a little run on some blog I have never heard of about how they might be a good bet in the tournament. They keep giving Vanderbilt love, we'll keep shouting them out.

As always, Woody's got a great recap of yesterday's baseball game. The team is now 15-0, breaking a record for their best start ever. While this week's Hoser has probably already been decided, we encourage you to keep your submissions coming. Also, check back later today as we unveil our SEC Tournament Pick'em format.

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