Friday, March 9, 2007

Vanderbilt Hotline: Beat us once shame on us, beat us twice (well, it doesn't really work the other way, does it?)

First a note to our loyal following. The big unveiling that I have been teasing all week will have to wait. Due to technical difficulties beyond our control (we might be the most least technically savvy bloggers in the world), there will be no unmasking today. What there will be, is a basketball game where Vanderbilt will be a participant. That game tips off 20 minutes following the conclusion of the Kentucky/Mississippi State game which will get under way at one. Job permitting, I will be at Porter's to catch all the action.

Vanderbilt's match-up today with Arkansas is their second meeting in less than a week. When Vanderbilt played the Razorbacks in Nashville, they were out rebounded 42-30 and shot the ball terribly. While perhaps not as lopsided, Vanderbilt can live with getting out rebounded. What we can't live with is shooting 31% from the field, and 21% from downtown in the second half. Seamus thinks Shan will be a key to the game, and so do I. Vanderbilt is the most dangerous when Shan and Derrick can play off of each other and make the other player better. If Vanderbilt is going to earn a spot in the SEC semis, these two are going to have to step up.

Yesterday was a crazy day in the tournament, with LSU knocking off UT in an overtime classic (I love ESPN Full Court), and generally around the college basketball world. I will spare my thoughts on the rest of college basketball except to say that if Georgetown wins the Big East, they deserve to be a #1 seed. I will also say that given the teams that lost yesterday (Duke and Maryland in particular), Vanderbilt has a shot to make a move and earn an higher seed. An SEC finals appearance could spell as high as a 5 seed for the Commies. That all starts today.

Kevin Stallings was interviewed in the Tennessean. You should read it. There is also an article in today's paper that talks about the importance of his freshman. Stallings, rightly, thinks these young guys will need to play big if Vanderbilt is going to dance through March.

Have you "Banded Together" yet?

Despite having a title cheesier than this one, Woody's got a great preview of Vanderbilt baseball's upcoming match-up with Illinois-Chicago.

If Vanderbilt doesn't make the SEC Tournament finals, the Pick'em becomes a 6 horse race very, very quickly. After day one, I think everyone (with the exception of Austen) is pretty much clumped together. Chad's 4-0 is a helluva way to start though.

As mentioned yesterday, Vanderbilt Sports Line will be "sponsoring" an NCAA Tournament Bracket Challenge. If you have a better idea for the name (and surely someone must!), please let us know. In the mean time, you can register here.
League name: Vanderbilt Sports Line
Password: commies

Finally, don't forget about the viewing party tomorrow at Sumner's in Arlington (victory permitting) and all the festivities in Atlanta.

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