Friday, March 9, 2007

Arkansas with something to play for...

This was in SI.Com's Daily Scorecard Truth & Rumors section:

The news media in Arkansas, citing anonymous sources, have been reporting the past two weeks that Stan Heath will be fired if the Razorbacks do not make the NCAA tournament. The Arkansas players have rallied around Heath, even as he has exhorted them in meetings to play for themselves, not his job security.
-- New York Times

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Boyer in the District, we're waiting for your take. The rack is ready.


Boyer in the District said...

As a lifetime Arkansas Collegiate Sports fan, it goes without saying that I have a pretty strong opinion on the Arkansas Basketball program and the future of current head coach, Stan Heath.

I grew up watching the Hogs under the leadership of "Rollin' with Nolan" Richardson, who ran the (what became a nationally known style) "40 Minutes of Hell." I was accustomed to seeing an INSANELY tenacious Arkansas man-defense and full court press, combined with a very fast transition game. This is what the majority of Arkansas basketball fans are used to.

They're also used to SUCCESS and WINNING, two things that have been scant at BEST under Stan Heath's leadership. The Hogs have only made the NCAA tournament ONCE under Heath's leadership - the result of which was a loss to that powerhouse from PA, Bucknell, in the first round.

We miss the tenacity, the speed, and the success that Richardson brought.

I'm sure Stan Heath is a great guy with great character, and I can get with the players rallying around him...that's what college players do. They'd never throw the guy that is giving them a free education under the bus (how many times have we seen players transfer because a coach they liked left, too? Regards, Mitch Mustain).

The point is - I want Heath gone, regardless of how the rest of this season for Arkansas turns out. The only thing at this point that would make me change my mind is maybe an appearance in the Sweet 16.

Arkansas' Basketball program needs some rejuvenation, and that ain't coming as long as Stan Heath is there.

Trust me, current Razorbacks, this is for your own good.

WAR Arkansas firing Stan Heath

and while I'm here...
WAR Arkansas firing Houston Nutt

-Boyer in the District

Seamus O'Toole said...

I understand wanting to regain the tradition of winning, but what the heck kind of place puts an ultimatem on a coach at this point in the season, saying "If you make the NCAA Tournament, you can stay; if not, you're gone"?

I am continually less and less impressed with Arkansas's athletic department, and the fact that someone in there is leaking all this would really make me mad if I was a Hog fan.

With all due respect to Arkansas fans who long for the days of Corliss "Big Nasty" Williamson and Forty Minutes of Hell, there are some problems within that athletic program that run pretty deep, and the first step is getting a new AD to replace Broyles, not showing the coach the door. The folks in Fayetteville would do well to worry about the big stuff first.