Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Vanderbilt Hotline: I'm not in college anymore...

What up Commodore Nation,

Hope all 7 of you out there are enjoying your morning and are in better shape than Seamus and myself. Thanks to Bobby's Betty, we were treated to a night on the down last night. This brings me to today's Hotline headline, "I'm not in college anymore." I know this because, if I were in college, than going out on a Monday would not be noteworthy. However, since I am not in college, I have spent most of the morning in a rather uncomfortable state. To everyone involved in last night's dance party, I humbly thank you for appeasing my corny rendition of Bon Jovi and my feeble attempt to dance.

Today is a pretty light day as far as Vanderbilt news goes, which actually works out well for me for the reasons outlined above. Still, we must go on...and so we will. There are a couple of good SEC run-downs in the Nashville City Paper and on SI.COM that are worth checking out. It is now conventional wisdom that the Commies will be dancing (hopefully better than me getting jiggy with Jay-Z, but I digress...), the question is what other SEC Teams will be joining them. Florida, Kentucky, and Tennessee are all considered a locks along with Vanderbilt. If no SEC West team gets an "at-large" bid does that mean that the SEC only gets 4 teams? To me, that doesn't seem right, but in a year with so many good teams coming from typically under-represented conferences, coupled with Mason's run last March, I wouldn't be surprised if the SEC gets the shaft.

If you read Brett Hait's article, you can see the natives are starting to get restless in Kentucky. The reality is that Tubby Smith is probably going to be fired if Kentucky doesn't make a serious run in the Tourny. Is this fair? I don't think so, but that doesn't mean it won't happen.

Vanderbilt, ranked 19 in the AP and 23 in the Coaches Poll (the first time they have been ranked in consecutive weeks in both polls since weeks 7-10 in 2004-2004), is seeded 6 with a down arrow by Joe Lunardi. Assuming Vanderbilt doesn't have a complete collapse in the run-up to the NCAA Tournament, I think a 6 seed is probably where they will end up. If they get hot, win out, and win a game or two in the SEC Tournament, there is no reason this team couldn't be ranked as high as a 3 or 4 seed.

Media elites have begun to coalesce around Derrick Byars as SEC Player of the Year. While Vanderbilt Sports Line has been beating that drum for some time, we are happy the MSM (main-steam media) has caught up. ESPN's Weekly Watch is leading the charge this week.

Pat Summitt is apparently going to return the favor to Bruce Pearl and the Men's Basketball team tonight against Florida. Is it just me, or is there something irresistible about the thought of Pat Summitt dressed up as a cheerleader?

I want to thank James Rayburn from Lincoln Financial Sports for getting back to me about Vanderbilt's game not being picked up this Saturday. While I think LFS (and other media outlets) don't give Vanderbilt the run and love they deserve, I think it was classy for him to respond. If you haven't emailed LFS yet, what are you waiting for? I've heard they love it when they get the same email for illogical fans.

Woody has a great preview (as always) of Vanderbilt Baseball's match-up with Austin Peay.

Since we at Vanderbilt Sports Line are all about showing Commie love even if its not sports related, I wanted to shout-out Lindsay Miller, former host of VTV's Sex Rx and the winner of some make-your-own Dove commercial. George's wife, Callie O'Malley announced Lindsay as the winner during the first half hour of the Oscars on Sunday. Here is the ad. Thanks to Lauren for sending me the link. Lauren's only request was that I "don't say something horndog-ish."

Finally, I am going to make a small request of everyone out there. DO NOT BUY the DVD of Vanderbilt's win over Florida. The fact they are even releasing this is so bush league its ridiculous. Unless all proceeds will go into a slush fund to pay off future court-storming incidents, this DVD is a complete waste. I dream of the day when Vanderbilt has a big win and there isn't a rush to memorialize that moment because it's possible it might not happen again. Act like you been there guys. The only acceptable usage of this DVD is to give it to a friend, co-worker, or acquaintance who is a huge Gator fans.

Later today, we will open up the nominations for Hoser of the Week. Also, don't forget to make your picks in SEC Pick'em before tonight's Florida/Tennessee game on ESPN. That game tips off at 9.

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Stanimal said...

Couldn't agree more about the DVD.

The fact that we commemorate every single big win with a DVD of the game is absolutely absurd. T-shirts I can understand because they are simple and they represent a win over an in-conference opponent. There is zero need to commemorate ONE game with a DVD. Let's celebrate the team's SEASON if and when they perform admirably in the tournament.