Monday, February 5, 2007

Hoser of the Week Nominations...

Taking your nomination now...


Stanimal said...

Where's JB with the DB nomination? Could it be that he'll finally relinquish?

Anonymous said...

Before I get to my HOSER nominee, I'd like to share who else I considered this week:

1) Bobby O'Shea, a.k.a., Mr. I Just Tried To Ruin Marty's Enjoyment Of Prince's Epic Super Bowl Halftime Show By Running My Mouth During The Entire Performance
2) Matt Lauer, a.k.a., Mr. I'm Really A Serious Journalist, But I Just Had To Ask Miss USA About How Many Dudes She Banged In Her Apartment Before She Went To Rehab
3) Kevin Federline, a.k.a., Mr. My 15 Minutes Of Fame Were 15 Minutes Longer Than America Could Handle
4) Shawne "Lights Out" Merriman, a.k.a., Mr. I Just Got Caught Red-Handed Doing Roids And I Still Went To The Pro Bowl
5) Gavin Newsom, a.k.a., Mr. I Only Boinked My Campaign Manager's Wife Because I'm An Alcoholic

But this week, I don't think there was anyone as HOSER-worthy as Morgan State basketball coach Todd Bozeman, a.k.a., Mr. Clean. Some of you might remember Bozeman from such mid-1990s films as "The $30,000 Recruit." The Boze, who has resurfaced after an 8-year NCAA ban, allegedly picked a fight this week with a restaurant employee after he was served some ham sandwiches that he really didn't want. He now faces assault charges.

I would advise Big Boze to fly a little bit lower under the radar while he works on repairing his gleaming reputation.


Stanimal said...

My vote goes with Marty's final nomination. Todd Bozeman, YOU HOZER

J.B., M.D. said...

Even though I would love to primarily nominate DB Woodside [that'll be my secondary nomination], I'll go with Todd Bozeman. That's just hilarious

You Hoser!