Monday, January 8, 2007

Wildcard Weekend Pick'em

First the Resutls:

1. J.B., M.D. (9-3)
1. Woodrow (9-3)
1. Stanimal (9-3)
4. Shamas O'Toole (8-4)
5. Papa O'Shea (7-5)
6. Bobby O'Shea (6-6)
7. Chad (5-7)

Now a rant:
Bill Belichick is a complete ass-clown. I apologize for the language, but it is absolutely true. He wouldn't so much as utter a word to Mangini in either of their first two mid-field meetings, and barely made eye contact after "Eric" beat his Patriots in week 10. Yesterday, after a hard-fought game (whose final score was not indicative of its closeness) that ended up a blowout, Bellichick was so eager to see his former Defensive Coordinator that he shoved a cameraman out of the way in order to get to him. Bill Bellichick, you are a total phoney. Is this sour grapes? A little. But that doesn't mean I an wrong. I now welcome your mocking comments.


Anonymous said...

yes, that does sound quite a bit like sour grapes.

i guess you are allowed...

at least you're a jets fan: sheesh the giants suck. tom coughlin needs to go back whence he came (jacksonville, fl) and hang with nanus starting this morning, if you ask me.

does anyone else smell that gas odor in midtown manhattan? i am anxious.

vandy baseball '07 will by dynamite. top 2 players in the nation, baby! wooooooo

J.B., M.D. said...


This I just said out loud in a Jim Mora "Playoffs?!" voice.

Bobby, I will give you the fact that Bill should've at least given a serious handshake after the atrocious loss to your inferior team a few weeks ago. That will undoubtedly taint his sterling legacy. But are you seriously concerned with him brushing a photographer out of the way when that photographer clearly knew he was smack-dab in the middle of the most anticpated post game handshake of the century? And let us remember Bill has never been good with the media, he's just too busy winning world championships.

Stanimal said...

First of all, Belicheck doesn't care whether you think he's an ass-clown or not. Secondly, if it hadn't been for Belicheck, Mangini would still be putting together film in the scrap room in Cleveland right now. Thirdly, if you suspected your pupil who you provided the opportunity to be an NFL coach and trained him as such tried to tamper with your personnel and players, you'd be pretty upset too.

I have no love for Belicheck, I hate the Patriots, am envious of their success and cannot wait until they go through their next drought like the 1990s. But come on Bobby, your post isn't just "a little" sour grapes, you could create your own vineyard with it. If Belicheck was coaching the Jets to three Super Bowl titles, you wouldn't pay any mind at all.

Bobby O'Shea said...
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Bobby O'Shea said...

Stanimal makes one good point: Belichick does not care that I think he is an ass-clown. Beyond that, the Animal's points are "erroneous, erroneous on both counts." I take particular exception to the unfounded accusation that "Eric" and the Jets tampered. No one besides a few select individuals inside each organization will know whether or not that actually happened. But it seems to me Belichick's behavior is comparable to that of a scorned lover rather then a professional football coach (For more on Billy boy and scorned lovers, check back for a new feature coming soon).

I will be the first to admit that I am bitter, but that does not mean that Belichick's post-game behavior in the first two games, when compared with the reckless abandon he showed in trying to get to his protégé yesterday, is not worth some discussion.

Unknown said...

As a Yankees fan, and an upstanding citizen of the United States, I am obligated to detest the Patriots and all of those disgusting weasels that call themselves fans of that detestable rabble. However, to be able to say with a straight face that there was not some foul play on Mangini's side when he left the Patriots is almost impossible, and Bobby, even as a Jets fan you should be able to recognize this.

Could Belicheck have put the incident behind him and moved on a little sooner? Probably

Should he have been a little more cordial with Mangini in their previous two games? Maybe

But lets be honest, this is professional football, not some children's tv show on Sat. morning, so who really gives a damn about how two coaches are acting towards eachother. If these two want to be friendly that is wonderful, and if not, how does that effect anyone of us in the slightest bit? The answer there is, it shouldn't, unless you are just bitter and looking for something to lach onto.