Monday, January 29, 2007

Polls Released...Vanderbilt Ranked 24 by the AP

Vanderbilt did not crack the Top 25 in the ESPN/USA Coaches poll, and finished this week's voting as the #28 team in the country. Vanderbilt moved from 36 to 28 and is behind Southern Illinois and Virginia Commonwealth University among "others receiving votes."

While the AP poll has yet to be released (and this post will be updated once it is), a few things struck me in the ESPN/USA Today Poll.

1. Kentucky's Tradition:
Kentucky moved UP from 25 to 24. This strikes me as yet another example of the inherent laziness of those voting in these polls. Kentucky went 1-1 this week and did not deserve to move up in the polls. In all actuality, they probably deserved to be dropped. Beating Tennessee is certainly an accomplishment, but winning at Rupp against a Volunteer team without their best player does not seem to warrant a move up in the polls. Kentucky's poll position is as much about their program's rich history as it is about their play on the court this year. While I'm not surprised, it doesn't make it right.

2. Where is Georiga?
The Georgia Bulldogs are currently 5-2 in SEC play and beat 2 teams that were ranked in last week's polls (Kentucky and LSU at the buzzer yesterday). They are tied for second in the SEC East with the Commies and Kentucky. If that doesn't deserve votes, I really don't know what does.

3. Alabama still hanging on.
While a team is never going to drop from #11 to out of the polls, but if ever a team was deserving, Alabama was it. They are 2-4 in conference and have lost 3 of their last 4. The win, during that stretch was the result of a last second bucket against Georgia.

ESPN/USA Today Voters, don't be surprised if you don't get a few voters for Hoser(s) of the Week.


Vanderbilt comes in ranked #24 in the Associated Press poll.


Stanimal said...

The fact that Georgia is handling these teams as well is not working in our favor. It will be imperative for us to beat the Bulldogs at home this week. The polls are of no real consequence, but the RPI is going to take into account the fact that Georgia is accomplishing essentially the same tasks as us and that we were destroyed by them in our first meeting.

In addition, the fact that beating Alabama and LSU is near negated by their HORRENDOUS under-achievement is another factor which is playing against us. There isn't a single team in the West who is above .500 in conference.

My basic point is that the game against Georgia on February 3rd has just been made one of critical importance. We cannot afford a set-back against this team. Kentucky is an equivalent situation.

Seamus O'Toole said...

Can I also just add how ridiculous it is that Texas moved into the #23 spot? Congratulations on barely beating NEBRASKA and almost losing at home to BAYLOR. Big week for Rick's boys in conference play. The Big 12 is horrifically bad (I'm talking worse than the MVC) and the Longhorns' only impressive win this whole season (if you can even still call it impressive) was a 76-75 edging of LSU in Austin.

This ridiculous bias in the poll can be summed up in two words: Kevin Durant. If he wasn't in the two-man running for National Player of the Year with Alando Tucker, and if he wasn't stealing so much press from "the other freshman" Greg Oden, there ain't no way the Longhorns would have been so handsomely rewarded for what was, at best, a mediocre week of play.

I'm incensed.

Nick Johnson said...

As an Alabama fan I agree you guys got hosed this week. You should certainly be ahead of us. Polls are overrated though and if the Dores keep it up they will get a good seed in the tournament...a much more important ranking.

Bobby O'Shea said...

I would just like to point out that I predicted Vanderbilt would come in 24 in the AP Poll. I just wanted everyone in Commodore Nation to know that, yet again, I was right. Damn, it feels good to be me.

Anonymous said...

Stanford has won 6 of 7 including victories at UVA and home against Wazzou, SC, and UCLA. Their only loss? A nailbiter that Stanford led most of the way at Oregon. So, I'd say we have pretty legitimate beefs with the lack of ranking as well.

Sorry, but Stanford>Vandy right now. It's close, Vandy is definitely red-(shit)-hot right now, but come on. HOW BOUT DEM CARDINALZ?

Seamus O'Toole said...

Since I was one spot off in the AP and correct in the ESPN/USA Today, and since Bobby O'Shea was correct in the AP and five spots off in the ESPN/USA Today, I'll go ahead and claim victory in the prediction challenge.

J.B., M.D. said...

I'll claim victory for being far too vague to be wrong [or right].

Stanimal said...

I said we wouldn't get any higher than 23.