Saturday, November 17, 2012

Ole Fashioned A$$ Whopping!

For those of you not sick in the head (like me) I'm sure you decided to do something more productive with your Friday night (drinking turpentine comes to mind) then sit at home and watch the Vandy men's basketball team take on the Oregon Ducks.

Well that was bad....real bad.  Here is a quick run down.  The Commies scored 48 points (to Oregon's 74) led by Kyle Fuller with 17 (but he also had 6 turnovers). Kedren dropped 14 (but on 5 for 15 shooting and 5 turnovers).  If you want some optimism towards this team well......ummm......go somewhere else cause I got nothing.  The guys who scored had pretty terrible nights and the other guys......well they had epically bad nights.  I had high hopes for Shelby Moats.  Those hopes were clearly misplaced.  He started and ended up playing 22 minutes with no points, 2 rebounds, 1 assist and he fouled out.  Gooooh!  Then there was Rod Odom.  Another guy I was hoping for a big jump from.  Well he shot 3-13 and that was due to some junk buskets (what the hell is a busket?) at the end.  Oh he also contributed 4 turnovers and probably would have fouled out if given some extra time.

Oh wait, the good news is that Coach Stallings didn't have to watch this piss poor display.  He got back to back technicals early in the 2nd half and got to watch the rest of the game from the locker room.

Look this team is not good.  But as Stanimal said earlier in the week.....there is talent here.  The problem is I'm not sure any of it is on the offensive end.  Yes there are some highly rated recruits on this team but I'm not sure any of them outside of KJ can put the ball in the basket.  Rod Odom has been a disappointment.  Kyle Fuller too (though as long as he doesn't shoot from the outside I think he can be effective driving to the rim).  Siakam, Moats and Henderson all got decent minutes and contributed almost nothing offensively.  And of the three freshman only Kevin Brights looks prepared to contribute.

I guess I just need to realize that it is very early and this team is incredibly young and inexperienced (however I believe that offensive skills are more innate while defensive skills can come with coaching and experience).  I do think this team will get better as the year progresses but there are going to be some really really tough games for fans to watch.  Thank God we don't have to play UK or Florida for a while.  If we played at UK right now....well we might score 35 points if Calipari puts his scrubs in for most of the 2nd half.

Hey but I'm freaking pumped to watch the Commies take on UT in football in a few hours!  Puke Orange sucks!  Rocky Top sucks!  Anchor Down!

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