Monday, October 22, 2012

James Franklin's Auburn Post-Game Press Conference

Coach addressed a litany of things during his post-game press conference. When asked about the Wildcat formation call on 4th and 3, Coach said: "we thought it was a good call, that's why we called it." He explained the decision, saying they thought Auburn would over-commit to stopping the run and give Zac an opportunity to make a play on the outside.  While everything Coach is saying makes sense, I still don't like the call and stand by my "too clever by half" analysis.

Coach asked the fans to do him 2 favors: 1) bring two friends to next week's game against UMass and, 2) come to the game early.  The stadium was, at best, 60-40 Commodore to Auburn fans. The students continue to embarrass with their lack of attendance, which is ridiculous given how much better this team is than the teams that many of the people who read this site had to root for when we were students.  Show up.

Yesterday was a sell-out (the second straight for Vanderbilt), but Coach Franklin made a point to say how great it would be for Vanderbilt to sell out a non-SEC game like UMass.  He's right. It's homecoming and a game that can get the Commodores back to .500.  With just 2 games left at home, Vanderbilt has a chance to sell out its final home games, a truly remarkable feat if you ask me.  This team might not be as far along as we'd hoped, but there is definite progress with the program.  The least we can do as fans is show up.


Stanimal said...

Fine. 4th and 3 and you want to take advantage of what you perceive as a potential overpursuit. Run a play that gets to the perimeter as quickly as possible. Stacy ain't slow, but he ain't quicker than a Boyd quick slant or a Matthews bubble screen.

I'd be interested to know how many play action snaps we ran as well if anyone knows.

Bobby O'Shea said...

I'm almost positive it was less than 3. Might not have run any.

Anonymous said...

More neat video of the Auburn win: