Thursday, September 20, 2012

Rodgers vs. Carta-Samuels: Who's the Better Bet Against UGA?

Coach Franklin said he would make the decision by today after talking it over with the staff last night.  With ACS seeing all the action against Presbyterian and sitting atop the depth chart this week, some are saying we're in the midst of a full-blown quarterback controversy

Here's the statistical breakdown, which only tells you so much: Through two games against South Carolina and Northwestern, Rodgers was 30 of 56 for 431 yards with 2 TDs / 1 INT, plus 43 yards rushing.  Against Presbyterian, Carta-Samuels was 13 of 20 for 195 yards and 1 TD / 0 INT.

What say you, VSL Nation?  Which quarterback gives Vandy the best chance to beat Georgia on Saturday night in Athens?


jaybeas said...

I went with Rodgers solely because of the experience factor. The game is in Athens, and we're against a top-ten team. Despite some of Jordan's lapses in judgment, I think he has the better chance to not get rattled in that type of environment.

MurvylDore said...

That has been exactly Rodgers' problem, getting rattled under pressure. Once in a blue moon, JR may scramble for 15 yards and a first down, but more often, after looking-off his first receiver, he tucks the ball and is sacked. He has thrown int's when he should throw the ball away, or he has fumbled. He may be a fine person, and he may have great work ethic and attitude, but he has had his chance, and he did not get the job done. ACS played against top 10 competition at Wyoming. Even though the competition last week was certainly nowhere near to
SEC quality, the Vandy team I saw play against Presbyterian looked much more confident in their QB under ACS than when they played with JR at QB.

Dee Son said...

I would like to choose Austyn Carta-Samuels. He's the best I've ever seen and if time comes VU will face Georgia, Georgia will absolutely lose in Athens.

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